Captain America: Civil War; Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 Begins


 When Marvel announced the title of the next Captain America sequel, Captain America: Civil War, many comic readers were overjoyed because the 2006 Marvel Comic “Civil War” comic event was one of the –if not the best – comic events and the gateway to a million people. A new pre-MCU comic reader is about to enter the world of comics. Moreover, the sequel to one of the key figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be directed by The Russo Brothers, who successfully directed the previous Captain America which became the MCU's best film so far, "The Winter Soldier".

The Russo Brothers succeeded in creating ideological conflicts between the two superhero camps in this film, stirring emotions in dramas about friendship, ideological, personal conflicts, or political conflicts. When these two camps go to war, they fight like friends or family who have different opinions. They compete against each other — mostly with awesome superpower — but still make joking comments like friends or family. The ideological battles and personal conflicts that are built are very believable (I talk to you, DC!),plus convincing acting, makes us not question why each character chooses to do what they think is best. Even so they still fight to the maximum; fighting without revenge, but still painful psychologically or physically.

As a sequel to the film Captain America, The Russo Brothers certainly focuses this film on the captain. In this film we can also see Captain America really being an authoritative Captain America and highly respected by most superheroes , not a joke like the previous MCU films. The other supporting characters still get enough screentime to make them shine. Paul Rudd, who last year spread charm in playing Scott Lang and Ant-Man, in this film also got scene-stealing time.which is as good as the Ant-Man solo film. Another character who stole the show was Tom Holland as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. From the moment he was recruited by Tony Stark to the time he fought with other superheroes , Tom Holland was very successful in bringing Peter Parker/Spider-Man who was a nerd and liked to say funny words in every fight. Moreover, in this film, Aunt May (played by Marisa Tomei) is also introduced, who, mashaAllah, is still young and very beautiful *okay, wrong focus*.

As a film filled with many superheroes – both known and those who will be introduced – of course it is not easy to manage their portion to appear, while still maintaining that this is a Captain America film, not Avengers 2.5. Fortunately, Marvel appointed the right person in The Russo Brothers as director and Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely as scriptwriters, who have worked together since The Winter Soldier. Like their previous films, Civil War shows perfect character development for each character, and neither character feels left out; things that are not found in the superhero collection films in the previous 2 Avengers films.

For a film with the theme of war between 2 camps of friends, of course, it is necessary to highlight cool fight scenes, especially considering that The Winter Soldier is very fluent in delivering very cool fight scenes . Fortunately, this Civil War film will also be presented with a very slick fight choreography and might make us think that this is a Jason Bourne film with a CGI touch. It's getting crazy if Joe and Anthony Russo are guided by The Raid in every fight scene. GNFI.

The only flaw in this film in my opinion is the use of Helmut Zemo as the villain in this film, which actually doesn't need to use the name Zemo, but this is more of a mistake in Marvel's marketing promotion. If the villain had gone by another name it would have been better, because Daniel Bruhl did great acting in this character building. Besides that, the development of a fairly long story might make some people bored (though it's cool). Overall Captain America: Civil War is a comic adaptation that, although very different, has the same core story. Even so, personally still can't beat Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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