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 Damien Chazelle in 2014 with Whiplash managed to amaze me, even though I don't really like jazz music. No wonder when Chazelle will produce a musical film, I am one of those who look forward to it. What's more, La La Land stars my idol actress, Emma Stone, paired with Ryan Gosling, who can be said to be used to acting together after being paired in the films Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad .

Like the film's tagline, La La Land is a film that tells the story of people who want to make their dreams come true. Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) is a waitress trying to become an actress, while Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a jazz pianist who wants to bring jazz back to how it used to be. This story is wrapped in a musical genre film, so La La Land is not a remake/prequel/sequel to the Thai horror film Ladda Land . Uh.

The story itself cannot be separated from the template of 2 people meeting, uniting, and having conflicts in the course of their story. But as explained earlier, this film is a story for them to achieve their dreams. Will their dreams get in the way of being with loved ones, or will this dream one day let it be buried and settle with what is already there. Maybe at first glance it looks like Whiplash, but these 2 films have different complexities of conflict. What is clear is that the storytelling of La La Land never gets stuck from the beginning to the end of the film. The story can relate to the stories of many people.

What makes La La Land so phenomenal is the success of combining its elements into one delightful show. The dances and choreography are so pleasing to the eye and make me want to be able to dance and dance together on the side of the road. One of Damien Chazelle's bravery (and thumbs up for the choreographer, Mandy Moore, and cinematographer Linus Sandgren) is that when the dancing scene is taken one full length picture without any cuts. The singing and strains of jazz music played beautifully which made the feet unable to resist to follow the rhythm of the music. The visual? I really like how Damien Chazelle uses beautiful colors that help to set the tone of the film.

No less important is the appearance of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling with strong chemistry that becomes a magnet. Their strong chemistry makes viewers care about them and want them to be together. Besides that, how they show their singing and dancing skills is amazing, especially seeing Ryan Gosling playing the piano which I'm sure doesn't have a substitute. Damien Chazelle is also good at taking advantage of Emma Stone's strengths and uses a lot of close-ups of faces that accentuate his eyes and lip expressions that help convey his emotions, and make me know how many times I melt throughout the film.

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