[No Spoiler Review] Central Intelligence; Comedy Stage for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


 genre films are the (in my opinion) most risky genre because if the execution is wrong between the action part and the comedy part it will damage the entire film. But if the film can be executed well, it will become a fun film like Bad Boys, Rush Hour, or last year's hit film, Spy. This time, another film of the same genre appears, in the midst of the most crucial schedule in Hollywood: summer holiday.

The story begins 20 years ago at Central High School at a school separation there are 2 seniors who are very opposite. Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) is an outstanding student and is predicted to become a successful person, while Robbie Weirdicht (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) is a fat student who becomes the subject of bullying. 20 years passed and then Robbie Weirdicht – miraculously – turned into, well, The Rock and was a member of the CIA. Meanwhile, Calvin Joyner, who was predicted to be a success, turned out to be an ordinary accountant. The plot allows them to meet before a school reunion and then something strange happens.

The script is bad – or can be said to be very bad – for an action comedy film .  The development of the story at the beginning feels very slow and takes too long. The use of characters of different sizes which are quite significant – which is also the marketing material for this film – is not optimal for comedy material . The action scenes are also not interesting and can be said to be ugly. For a film that uses the CIA, this film lacks fight scenes, even their action scenes look very minimal as a result of damage and bloodshed. The plot twist that is trying to be presented also feels confusing and too fast.

The main characters of this film are also standard, duo pairs with one serious characterization and the other comical. Even so, the character's position is different as usual, this time Kevin Hart becomes a serious person and The Rock becomes a witty person. My personal credit goes to The Rock who saved this film and became the only thing that kept me going to keep watching this film. Kevin Hart unfortunately seems to have a hard time being a 'normal person' and misses several opportunities to 'help' The Rock's cuteness.

In short , Central Intelligence does not offer a new story and the plot is a mess. But it's nice to see The Rock bring out his comedic aura, which is much better than his previous film, Tooth Fairy, and better than Jason Statham in Spy. Unfortunately this film failed to deliver the opportunity to become a good comedy film. In fact, the funniest scene in this film is the ending and behind the scene footage.

Apart from The Rock's appearance and references to Taylor Swift, as well as the song Taylor Swift uses for the Apple Music promo, there's nothing interesting.

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