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 For those who are confused about which book this film is adapted from, this is the first Potterverse film where even fans don't understand the plot. The only link is Newt Scamander's Hogwart textbook of the same name Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , whose 128-page print book muggles buy for charity and published in 2001 describes the magical animals of the Harry Potter world. . Well, this film tells the adventures of Newt Scamander at the time of writing this book.

Although this is the first film in a planned 5 film series, strangely it is not explained about the origin of the main character. For ordinary viewers who don't really follow Harry Potter, they must be wondering who Newt Scamander is. Only a little backstory tells of his past, but yes, just for a moment, JK Rowling as a scriptwriter – this is her debut as a scriptwriter – focuses more on developing the plot and universe .

The beginning of the story of this film is quite weak and long-winded, where to take the story of this film and the sub-plot is quite heavy which makes it confusing. The film becomes more interesting after magical animals begin to appear all in a magical place and several sub-plots begin to be assembled into one.

The story about politics in the magical world of course makes this film develop the story further. This film is also very closely related to ordinary humans – muggles, or No-maj if in America – making this film similar to X-Men when wizards are rejected by ordinary humans, although it is still uncertain whether there are wizards or not.

This film also provides 2 plot twists , the first is important for this film and the second is the basis for the next film. Even so, these 2 plot twists were very predictable for me (especially the last one) even though outside, shortly after the film was disbanded, many did not expect such a revelation .

Some of the CGI effects of this film feel rough and strange to see human interaction with one of the animals that can change size, but when the visual battle scenes are cool, even though personally I have not been able to beat the crazy Battle of Hogwart in DH part 2 which until now, if you watch it, it's still okay. amazed. In addition, this film managed to take advantage of the 1926 time setting with the costumes and appearance of the place.

Eddie Redmayne even though he can attract attention as Newt Scamander who is described as a wizard who can be closer to animals than humans but feels flat for an actor of his class, and it is Dan Fogler who gets many interesting scenes as a No-Maj (as muggles in the US) . Other supporting characters, although there is still not enough time here, but the potential for the continuation of this film series, especially I hope there is still a continuation for Ezra Miller in the next sequel.

“Fantastic Beasts is like Harry Potter for adults, although it seems immediately dark but there is still a fun part to offer. As the first puzzle piece to the prequel to the Harry Potter series, this film brings something new and expands the potterverse and provides the foundation for the continuation of the series." -Alifian Afas Sawung Aji

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