5 Expensive Characters in Korean Dramas, Actors Paid to Billions

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 Along with its increasing popularity, usually the role of actors in a drama becomes highly considered. This of course also affects their pay in each role they take. 

Below is a row of expensive characters in the latest Korean dramas starring quality actors with high popularity. Who are they?

1. Kim Hyun Soo (One Ordinary Day)  

Kim Hyun Soo is a character in the drama One Ordinary Day , played by Kim Soo Hyun. Hyun Soo is a normal college student whose life is turned upside down when he suddenly becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.  

Reported by news24 , Hyun Soo will be one of the highest-paid characters played by Kim Soo Hyun currently. He reportedly received 500 million won or around Rp. 6 billion per episode for a total of 8 episodes.

In addition, this character will also be Kim Soo Hyun's first experience in a crime-themed drama. You can watch the drama starting November 27, 2021.

2. Vincenzo Cassano / Park Joo Hyung (Vincenzo)

With his current popularity, Song Jong Ki is also rumored to be getting a tremendous amount of money for his role as Vincenzo Cassano in the drama Vincenzo (2021). His income in this drama is estimated at 200 million won or the equivalent of Rp. 2.4 billion per episode, for a total of about 4 billion won or about Rp. 48.2 billion for 20 episodes.

The character of Vincenzo Cassano is a male of Korean descent who was adopted by an Italian family since childhood. He grew up to be a lawyer as well as a mafia adviser. His figure is described as a man who has many abilities and is charismatic.

In addition to the pay and success of his drama, thanks to this role, Song Joong Ki also won various awards. One of them is the Best Actor award at the 3rd Asia Contents Awards.

3. Moon Gang Tae (It's Okay to Not Be Okay)

In 2020, Kim Soo Hyun also appeared in the drama It's Okay To Not Be Okay as Moon Gang Tae. With this role he reportedly received a fee of around 200 million Won or the equivalent of Rp. 2.4 billion per episode with a total of 16 episodes of drama. 

This Moon Gang Tae character has a charming, smart, and charismatic physique. She works as one of the nurses in the psychiatric ward. Moon Gang Tae also has many hardships in life that he faces very strongly and patiently.

For this role, Kim Soo Hyun also won an award for the Popular Star Award, Actor category at the 2021 APAN Star Awards.

4. Eun Seom (Arthdal ​​Chronicles)

Before starring in Vincenzo , Song Joong Ki also starred in the drama Arthdal ​​Chronicles. His role as Eun Seom apparently also received an extraordinary fee, which was 180 million won or around Rp. 2.2 billion per episode. 

This Eun Seom character lives in the fictional land of Arthdal ​​during ancient times (Bronze Age). He was born with a destiny to bring disaster to Arthdal ​​and because of that his mother took him to a better place. Even though Eun Seom grew up in a new land, she is seen as an outcast because she is different from the natives of the country.

Eun Seom's own figure is a brave young man. He lives among members of the Wahan tribe and fights to save them from outside threats.

5. Cha Dal Gun (Vagabond) 

Chal Dal Gun's character in the drama Vagabond (2020) is also a role played by Lee Seung Gi with high fees. For this role, he reportedly pocketed up to 130 million won or around Rp. 1.6 billion per episode for a total of 16 episodes.

In this drama, Chal Dal Gun himself is a stuntman who tries to uncover the truth behind the plane crash that took the life of his nephew. Unexpectedly, he finally had to be dragged into a bigger case involving an organization. 

Not only was it the most difficult role for Lee Seung Gi, he also had to do a lot of dangerous scenes in this drama with almost no stuntmen or stunts . With this totality, Lee Seung Gi also won the Top Excellence Award in Miniseries (Male) at the SBS Drama Awards (2019).

The rows of actors above are just a few of the many drama characters who appear extraordinary. No wonder the pay for this role can reach billions. Their total acting was also rewarded with no less prestigious awards. 

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