Emergency Italy, Mancini summons Cataldi and Pessina: "We will have fun with Switzerland"

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 The national team coach presents the match against Switzerland: "I'm sorry for Zaniolo, it could have been an important match for him at the Olimpico"

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Roberto Mancini has calm looks and words, as always. But it is not only because he knows that Italy-Switzerland on Friday, such an important match, the match that can (almost) qualify us for the World Cup, deserves a calm approach, without the weight of excessive pressure. It is also because the nightmare of a great emergency has dissolved, giving way to the prudence of situations that are simply to be managed, at least as regards the probable owners. This is what the exams this morning said and the coach explained this: "Barella will be evaluated in these days, but it doesn't seem anything to worry about. The others, apart from Pellegrini and Zaniolo, should be all right: Leo Bonucci is fine, Giorgio Chiellini also: then after these two days of unloading we will redo the point ".

Which was already done yesterday for the two Romanists: Pellegrini showed up after the Venice race with a swollen knee, Zaniolo with calf and knee discomfort: "Today they are going home, unfortunately they would not be recoverable. Zaniolo was unlucky : when you have two serious injuries, it is not easy. But she is young, she has physical and mental strength to get out of it well and quality to improve. Time is on her side: unfortunately she always has some problems, we cannot take the risk of getting hurt . I'm sorry, because it could have been an important match for him, also considering that he is playing at the Olimpico. I will definitely call two substitutes: one could be Pessina, I hadn't called him up because he had not yet returned, but then I saw that Saturday in Cagliari played". And soon the idea became reality, with the Atalanta midfielder called up for the national team. The other recalled in extremis is Cataldi. However, if Barella manages to recover, the three-man line in midfield will probably be designed as predicted, with Inter, Jorginho and Locatelli favored to replace the injured Verratti. If, on the other hand, Barella does not succeed, space for one between Cristante and Tonali, "who has already played with us: he can play the inside or even the setter, he is a modern midfielder, he can adapt to any position". And watch out for Pobega, on his first call-up: "He has quality, we called him after a long time which is good for him. It is difficult to compare him to someone else: he is left-handed, a technical player, a physicist, he too can be a setter and a midfielder. attack. He also scores goals and has different characteristics from the others. "

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"WE REMAIN CALM"-   Mancini, on the other hand, has the usual characteristics, those of the serene coach: "A very important match awaits us, but it is a football match and certainly the one before the European final was a more 'complicated' eve ... With Switzerland I am always difficult games, history says: therefore maximum concentration, but also maximum tranquility. We must not think that we have everything to lose: we know what we are worth, what we can do and if we play our game, I think we will play a great game. we will have fun ".

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