Manchester United - Manchester City: the Citizens win the derby, the summary of the match

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MAN U - MAN CITY. The Citizens won the Manchester derby by a score of (2-0) thanks to a csc from Bailly (7th) and an achievement by Silva (45th). A logical result for Guardiola's men who totally dominated this meeting counting for the 11th day of the 2021-2022 Premier League of football. Discover the summary of this meeting between Manchester United and Manchester City.

16:05 - The summary of the match

This Saturday, the Red Devils had the opportunity to forget the humiliation suffered against Liverpool at Old Trafford. Solskjær's men wanted to put a smile on their face by winning at home against eternal rival skyblue. Missed. From the start of the Manchester derby, Ronaldo and his teammates were taken by the throat by the pressing of Guardiola's men. Completely underwater, the Red Devils logically conceded the opening scoring on a csc from Bailly (7th). Led to the score, the locals never found the resources to return to the score. Guardiola's men therefore continued to unfold and chained straightforward actions pushing David De Gea to make 4 decisive saves. Finally, just before returning to the locker room, Silva scored the goal of the break (45th). Same scenario in the second act. The Citizens monopolized the ball against the Red Devils technically and tactically overwhelmed. Despite some big chances from Skyblues including a penalty on Jesus who should have been whistled, the score stayed there. Clear victory and with the manner of Manchester City which temporarily takes second place in the standings. Another worrying failure at home for Manchester United who remains 5th. 

15:39 - Victory with the way of the Citizens

More than the result, observers will remember the way. The Citizens' success against Manchester United owes nothing to chance. Pep Guardiola's men dominated the game from kick-off to the final whistle. Satisfied with his starting XI, the Skyblues coach has not made any changes. Manchester City monopolized the ball (68% possession) and achieved 16 titles including 5 on target. Manchester United who only achieved a shot on target in the derby can also thank a great De Gea. 

15:33 - Update on the standings

Good operation for Manchester City. After this victory (2-0) in the derby against Manchester United, Pep Guardiola's men moved from 3rd to 2nd place in the standings behind Chelsea. In the event of success against West Ham on Sunday, Liverpool could regain their place of dolphin behind Chelsea. Manchester United had the opportunity to catch up with the Citizens, it's missed. The Red Devils remain fifth and will have to closely follow the performances of Arsenal, Brighton, Wolverhampton and Tottenham. 

15:28 - Another defeat for Manchester United

Completely logical setback of the apathetic Solskjær men for 90 minutes. The motivation and the efforts were not there. After the slap received against Liverpool, the Red Devils bow once again at Old Trafford in a capital meeting. 

15:19 - Yellow card for Fernandes

New warning in this Manchester United - Manchester City: Fernandes logically receives a yellow card after a foul on De Bruyne. 

15:18 - City claims a penalty!

Jesus seeps into the area and collapses after contact from Telles. In view of the slow motion, there was indeed a penalty for the Citizens. But what does VAR do?

15:16 - Stones strike!

On a corner, the central defender of City inherits the ball. He tries to strike on goal by turning around, it goes next to De Gea's cage.

15:14 - Manchester United picks up

The Red Devils are totally homeless in the last few minutes. The Citizens make the game and Solskjær's men run behind the ball. Spectators continue to leave the premises.  

15:12 - La frappe de Foden!

De Bruyne finds Foden at the entrance to the left side area. The England international tried his luck but his left cross strike hit De Gea's left post. It was the 3-0 ball for the Citizens. 

15:10 - First departures

Unhappy with the Red Devils' poor performance, some United supporters are already leaving Old Trafford stadium with a good 10 minutes left before the end of the derby. 

15:09 - Change for Manchester United

Last change for Solskjær in this Manchester United - Manchester City: Fred is replaced by Van de Beek. 

15:07 - De Bruyne misses his volley

Gündogan cross at the far post deflected by the Red Devils defense. The leather arrives in the direction of De Bruyne at the far post. The Belgian tries his luck but totally unscrews. 

15:02 - Change for United

Third change for Solskjær in this Manchester United - Manchester City: Shaw, victim of a shock to the head, is forced to abandon his partners. It is replaced by Telles. 

14:58 - Change for United

New change for Solskjær in this Manchester United - Manchester City: Rashford replaces Greenwood.

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