Many of the film lovers who of course already know the Joker


 The legendary enemy of the Bat Man (Batman). Joker is arguably Batman's main enemy because he most often appears in all Batman story adaptations (from comics, movies, even Lego Movies) and is the most dangerous enemy. In fact, the Joker is an ordinary human who does not have any superpowers. His ruthlessness and brutality is what makes him so feared by the people of Gotham City, the city where Bruce Wayne acts as Batman.

Although the Joker is Batman's most famous enemy, there are still many aspects of Joker's life that are not widely known and brought to the big screen, one of which is the origin and life story of this clown-faced villain. Readers of Batman comics certainly understand that the origin of the Joker has many versions. However, in this Joker (2019) film, DC and Warner Bros., through a script written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver, want to feature a Joker whose real name is Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix).

Arthur is a young man who works as a clown at an entertainment company called Haha's. Arthur lives alone with his mother (Penny Fleck, played by Frances Conroy) in a rundown and unkempt apartment. Arthur himself has a history of mental disorders, which are characterized by the inability to control laughter. He could laugh endlessly and uncontrollably, no matter the situation. Arthur received treatment from Social Services against Gotham in the form of free counseling with a psychologist and the drugs he had to take. With the help of these social services, Arthur can still live a normal life such as working and taking care of his mother. Arthur's disorder often makes him bullied by people who see his oddity. The various sufferings and disappointments of life that he experienced made Arthur brutal, committing several murders. This is what makes Arthur a Joker, a criminal who carries out his crimes with a clown mask.

This film is indeed thick with psychological nuances, where the audience will witness and may also empathize with Arthur's condition, especially the emotional condition due to the various things he has suffered. Joaquin's actions can invite various emotions from the audience, ranging from sadness, emotion, empathy, tension, fear, to humor. In my opinion, this is the best DC movie I've ever seen. Warner Bros. this time is brave enough to issue a controversial film. Joker is not just a character, but a movement. Many press judged that this film could inspire the audience to commit brutal acts.

However, the audience can actually see a different perception. Arthur becomes a Joker because of the injustice and cruelty of the people around him. Someone who is weak and often being bullied can someday fight back and turn into a violent individual. The people around him actually have to help people like Arthur, give him trust, support him to do positive behaviors, not be ignored or even beaten.

The presence of accompaniment music in this film also makes this film so realistic. The music by Hildur Guðnadóttir makes the plot of the film come alive, some things can be conveyed without words being spoken, only through pictures and music. No matter how good this film is (I personally give it a 10/10 and this film proved to be winning The Golden Lion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival ), it doesn't mean that this film is worth watching for all ages. This film has an R rating (adults only), because there are many violent scenes and impolite remarks. As a Batman fan, maybe many viewers are curious whether Batman will appear in this film? The answer is yes and no. More curious? Let's watch soon and put on happy face!

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