Preggoland (2014) Film Review, Should All Women Have Children & Be Mothers?


 How does it feel to be single alone in the midst of friends who have married and become mothers? This is the background story of Ruth Huxley, the main character in the film Preggoland (2014). At age 35, he feels life is no longer as violent youth after slowly realizing classmates friends gang of his mothers and busy with their children each. After feeling Ruth no longer connected with them, her friends asked Ruth to leave the group of friends. Because of that, starting from an accident, Ruth was finally forced to pretend to be pregnant in order to get back 'fit' and fit in the group of friends. Ruth Huxley's story is like a social experimentthis seems to be a reflection on the issue of 'should all women have children and become mothers?' which is packaged lightly in the drama-comedy genre.

Preggoland Film Review (2014)

Preggoland (2014) begins with the story of Shannon's baby shower party who is heavily pregnant with her closest friends, including Ruth. Ruth Huxley, of the four friends, was the only one who was unmarried and not yet a mother. The baby shower was a mess, as Ruth gifted Shannon a dildo 'for jokes' and for getting drunk on the booze she brought from home. Instead of hitting the pinata doll, he accidentally hit Cherry's son until his face bled. Messy, indeed. It was initially then three of his friends decided to remove Ruth from their group of friends, arguing that Ruth was no longer suitable for hanging out with those who had all become mothers and children.

Losing her friends who had been together since she was so young, lonely and lonely Ruth accidentally discovers the fact that she gets a lot of preferential treatment when others think she is pregnant—including how she is accepted by her friends and loved more. father who wants grandchildren. Stuck in the situation, Ruth finally continued pretending to be pregnant.

Film Preggoland (2014) is a light comedy-drama film that can make us stunned. At first glance, Ruth's story in this film seems like a joke—but if we look at it from a feminist perspective, of course Ruth's story is not just a joke. After compromising on pretending to be pregnant, Ruth invites us to ask whether it's wrong if she doesn't become a mother, in a society where mothers become mothers and want children? Do all women have to be mothers, because being a mother is like an obligation for women? Ruth invites us to feel a little bit how uncomfortable it is to be different as single-childless in a society that has not been able to give women free choices.

The film Preggoland (2014) also raises issues around pregnancy and discussions about motherhood in light, fleeting dialogues. Morning-sickness, for example . Pregnancy exercise, ultrasound, to the issue of infertility (infertility) experienced by Ruth's sister, Hillary. There are several other issues that are briefly discussed, also in light packaging: how they discuss “it's hard to be single at 30” or how a teenager wants to sell his baby-to-be for $1,000.

Closer to Ruth Huxley in Preggoland (2014)

Ruth Huxley is a 35 year old woman who works as an employee in a supermarket. He is single and lives with his father. Admittedly, Ruth may find it difficult to come to terms with the changing ages and phases of life. When her three best friends are married and become mothers, Ruth still hopes that they can be invited to hang out regularly for drinks and go to concerts—which of course can't be that easy anymore. Their responsibilities as mothers have occupied them with all this and that.

“Deb, I can't do this anymore. I can't be…pregnant. Would you guys even like me if I wasn't going to be a mom?”

—Ruth Huxley, in Preggoland (2014)

Of the three friends, Shannon was the loudest about her motherhood. Shannon is very sacred to the experience of motherhood and tends to be too radical in her choices, such as she refuses to relieve pain without using any anesthetic when giving birth to her child (thinking that women have been created to give birth long ago, making her friends shudder at the thought of the pain that must be felt). must experience during childbirth). Shannon also completely refused any form of pleasure after becoming a mother, including not occasionally going to the concerts of their favorite band from a young age. He refuses a replacement baby shower gift that Ruth bought (an expensive baby stroller that is currentlyTrending present) for reasons too difficult to operate. It was also Shannon who decided to remove Ruth from the group, with the influence of her voice being dominant.

Deb and Cherry are more relaxed. Moreover, Deb is actually a female friend who is closest to Ruth & is more empathetic-humanist-realistic even though she has become a mother. The scene where Ruth, who managed to also go to a concert with Deb & Cherry, sits down to eat pizza for three, is a unique summary. Cherry admits that she feels refreshed by their fun time, even though she has to get up four hours from then to take her kids to school. Like there's an implied message there, of course. Being a mother doesn't mean you have to always sacrifice yourself, you also need to take care of yourself to stay healthy and happy.

So if Ruth was then forced to pretend she was pregnant in order to get back into shape—we can try to express our condolences, seeing Ruth's actions as a result of heavy social demands. His close friends hoped that he would also become a mother so that they could get back together and experience it, his father hoped that he could give him grandchildren. In addition, Ruth also felt certain privileges when others thought she was pregnant. On the bus, he could not pay the fare when he saw the driver too busy loading the stroller. He was also given a seat and a friendly smile by other passengers. After finding out she was pregnant, she was not fired from the supermarket where she worked for 20 years since she was 15 years old. He gets a more priority place in front of his father too, who has always seemed to love his younger sister more. Most importantly, of course,

“So, it turns out I was lying. I was conducting, like, a social experiment.”

—Ruth Huxley, in Preggoland (2014)

After months of pretending to get pregnant with the help of tools that make belly look big shows, lies Ruth revealed as well (with scenes glimpse of the miscarriage of jelly in front of family and friends who held a baby shower party for her - an important note: dark joke this may be traumatic for female colleagues who are traumatized by the experience of miscarriage). For a moment, the drama-comedy genre dissolves in a wave of atmosphere that is strange to explain. Ruth's father had a heart attack. His friends turned him down again. The only one who is described as wanting to comfort and empathize with Ruth is the woman who owns the baby equipment shop where she bought the baby strollerfor Shannon. So sad huh? However, the scene where Ruth has a heart-to-heart conversation with her younger sister who suddenly honestly admits her infertility condition, reminds us again, that women's experiences are in fact so diverse. While there are Ruth's friends who are not difficult to get pregnant and have children, there are Ruth who do not want to have children and are forced to pretend to be pregnant, there is also Hillary who is difficult to get pregnant because of infertility.

The film Preggoland (2014) closes with a badass epilogue . Another baby shower party where Ruth reunites with her family and friends. It doesn't really highlight who is there, it's clear that Deb and her children are there. There's also Ruth's and Hillary's father, who is already holding a baby (it's not clear whether she eventually managed to overcome her infertility condition or was successful in adopting—after all, audiences can rejoice that Hillary has finally succeeded in becoming the mother she wanted). Danny, who is still Ruth's lover, half shouted from a distance: “ you look so good with that baby ” after seeing Ruth holding Hillary's baby. It was then, Preggoland(2014) ends with a scene where Ruth responds with only lips, but firmly and firmly: “ F*ck. Of course, not all women have to be mothers.

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