Before watching the animated film White Snake , I don't remember watching an animated film produced by China. The farthest film from that country is a fantasy film with CGI wrapping which is not too impressive for me. And when I saw the info about this film, it didn't really pique my interest. Until I finally saw the trailer myself and turned into an interest to try watching.

White Snake is an animation collaboration between Light Chaser Animation Studios, an animation company based in China and Warner Bros. For the story itself, for the 90s generation, you may be very familiar with the legend of the white snake stealth which tells the story of forbidden love between humans and white snake stealth. A legend that has often been adapted into films, one of which is The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011) starring Jet Li.

In this animated film itself, it tells the love story of the meeting between the main male character Ah Xuan (Yang Tianxiang) an ordinary man who has many desires at one time finding Blanca (Zhang Zhe) who fainted somewhere while Ah Xuan was hunting snakes. After realizing Blanca experienced memory loss. In the process of trying to remember who he is, Ah Xuan always accompanies Blanca, which slowly develops a feeling of romance between the two of them.

Gradually Blanca, who began to remember herself, was attacked by attacks from the demons and became the target of the royal guards. With the help of a fox woman who makes mystical items in the form of a fox (Xiaopu Zheng), Blanca finally remembers herself. Now Ah Xuan and Blanca's love story is put to the test when they realize that they are from two different worlds that will not unite. Everything gets worse when Verta (Tang Xiaoxi) Blanca's older sister appears to remind Blanca of the task that must be completed, which is to kill a royal general who is steeped in black magic who takes energy from snakes that threaten the snake-demon clan. The war between humans and demons is inevitable and Ah Xuan and Blanca's love story is in the middle.

From not being interested to being the opposite when seeing the trailer paid off when watching the whole film. Honestly, I was quite surprised by the animated visuals of White Snake. Visuals that are not inferior to Hollywood animated films that we see mostly. One of the things I like most about the visuals is the physical details of the Asian characters.

When the visuals are supportive, the plot of the story in White Snake, even though it seems a little rushed, is still quite neat in the delivery of the story. For those who already know what this legendary story is like, they will still be very entertained by the fighting moments in the film, which include far more fantasy elements that we have never encountered in other adaptation films. If you already know this legend, it is very entertaining, especially if you just found out about it from this film.

With visuals that are not inferior to animations from Hollywood which are the current mecca, White Snake manages to provide a very entertaining spectacle. Really hope Light Chaser Animation Studios will be much more active in producing other animated films. so that we get more and more alternatives to watching animation apart from hollywood.

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