The film Sonic the Hedgehog tells of an alien in the form of a blue hedgehog


 Without needing to be told though we all seem to already know this common thing. When holywood adapts a game into a film we already know what the outcome will be. The film will end with a negative response from viewers who are fanboys of the game or those who are not. But lately the bad trend is slowly starting to move in a positive direction. Starting with Angry Birds and its sequel, it received a positive response, then there was also the The Witcher series, which was originally from a novel, but was more popular when it became a game. And now it's Sonic the Hedgehog's turn to be brought to the big screen. Characters owned by Sega who have wanted to be filmed since 2013.

The film Sonic the Hedgehog tells of an alien in the form of a blue hedgehog named Sonic (Ben Schwartz) who can run as fast as lightning and has other powers that he himself does not know. He was raised by a bird named Longneck. The great power provokes other creatures to be able to use its power. The thing that makes Sonic have to leave his home planet and head to another planet to survive until he finally reaches Earth. On earth, Sonic must continue to run and hide, which ends in a small town called Green Hills. There Sonic lived quietly and peacefully. It was just that he was alone which often left him lonely, a consequence of his isolation. To fill his loneliness, Sonic also outsmarted him by monitoring and observing the residents of Green Hills. One of them is Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) who becomes the idol of Sonic, a local police officer who usually stands guard with his speed gun who wants a challenge more than just guarding the streets. He has a wife, Maddie (Tika Sumpter), a veterinarian who is also idolized by Sonic.

On one occasion Sonic was really lonely and ran so fast that it emitted a strong energy and caused a city power outage. The incident also made the government assume that their country was attacked by something and find out what caused it. Appointed Dr. The genius and whimsical Ivo Robotnik (Jim Carrey) traces the incident. Sonic becomes threatened and he becomes the target of Dr. Ivo Robotnik after his whereabouts were revealed. The only person he trusted in Green Hills was Tom Wachowski. And finally their adventure began.

Listening to fans' voices and postponing the release schedule to revise Sonic's character visuals was the right decision. It would be a shame if a film that already has a solid story is crippled for one flaw (remember Henry Cavill's mustache in Justice League). Yep, the plot of the Sonic the Hedgehog story already has a solid and light foundation that was made to be accepted by the child audience.

For an origin story in the first film, the character introduction at the opening of the film is quite fast, which makes viewers who don't follow the game a little confused. Moreover, information that is quite important at the opening of the scene such as who Sonic really is, why he is being cared for by a bird is not revealed until the end of the film. Looks like this plot is saved for the sequel later which is quite curious.

A solid story combined with the iconic appearance of Jim Carey who is very expressive and comical makes the storyline colorful. Without intending to exclude other players, but you could say the character of Dr. Robotnik, played by Jim Carey, who stole the most attention in this film besides Sonic itself.

Sonic the Hedgehog can be included in the list of game adaptations that have succeeded in satisfying the expectations of fans or viewers who are new to the Sonic universe character. It's only a matter of time before we hear the news that this film is officially getting a sequel because there are still many story plots that can be explored from the Sonic universe or other iconic characters that haven't appeared in this first film.

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