Tick, Tick ... Boom !: Andrew Garfield talks about the movie's significance to his career


 The Lin-Manuel Miranda-directed film is inspired by the life and work of Jonathan Larson, who revolutionized Broadway in the 1990s with his play, Rent. Read what the protagonist said about it.

Acclaimed playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda makes his seventh art debut with Tick, Tick ... Boom! , film inspired by the life and work of Jonathan Larson , who revolutionized Broadway in the 1990s with his play titled Rent . Well, in the framework of the premiere of that film through Netflix, Andrew Garfield (its protagonist) spoke with the press about what this feature film means in his career.

In a recent dialogue with La Nación , the 38-year-old actor started by commenting on Larson's legacy, not only on an artistic level, but on a human level: "I think he wanted to open everything wide and destroy it and start over with more vigor, energy, passion and sense of community, with a different ethical framework. He really was a socialist, he cared about the collective. He wanted everyone to prosper and bring their gifts to the world. Jonathan wanted a revolution. "

Later, the Californian artist referred to how the recent death of his mother affected the creative process of this production :

"This film talks about how ephemeral life is, how one day we are here and then not. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves what we do with time, how do we make that time sacred, more meaningful, more I live. Another thing I want to say about my mother is that she was the kindest person you've ever met, and she lived that way. Keeping her alive is also part of my calling. "

On the other hand, he also emphasized how the theatrical world is so different from film and television, and how working in this field transformed him particularly before launching himself to stardom in another class of more massive stages: "Theater is a litmus test. The amount of work, rigor and discipline it requires are like attacks on the body. As a consequence, you accumulate a lot of strength in your body and in your heart: the theater makes you strong " .

The official synopsis of this film reads: "Days before he shows his work in a decisive performance, Jon feels pressure from everywhere: from his girlfriend Susan ( Alexandra Shipp ), who dreams of an artistic life beyond the city of New York; from his friend Michael ( Robin de Jesús ), who has set aside his dream for a life of financial security.In the midst of an arts community devastated by the AIDS epidemic, Jon feels the clock ticking and faces The question everyone must face: What are we supposed to do with the time we have? "

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