In his latest film, Wrath of Man , Guy Ritchie ( The Gentlemen , 2019) returns to direct Jason Statham


 Who previously had a role in three films that started his directorial career Ritchie, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrells (1998), Snatch (2000), and revolver(2005). Statham plays Patrick Hill, a man who has just landed a job at an armored car security company called Fortico Security. Tasked with delivering valuables or large sums of money, Patrick Hill and his comrades often have to deal with the dangers that come from gangs of criminals trying to snatch their belongings. Even so, armed with his experience working at a security firm in Europe, Patrick Hill doesn't hesitate to fight back if anyone tries to interfere with his work – a thing that is proven when he and his two colleagues, Haiden Blaire ( Holt McCallany ) and Dave Hancock ( Josh Hartnett).), was intercepted by a group of robbers in their quest. At the same time, Patrick Hill's ability to fight back has made some people question who Patrick Hill really is.

Those who like Ritchie-directed films filled with blood-soaked violent scenes with a thick touch of dark humor will obviously find it very easy to like Wrath of Man . A remake of the French film, Le Convoyeur (Nicolas Boukhrief, 2004), Ritchie divides the film's story into four parts, each opening a layer of stories about the character of Patrick Hill and the characters around him. Even though it seems familiar, Ritchie doesn't necessarily reveal the narrative of his story in a straightforward manner. Wrath of Man story timelinepresented in a non-linear manner to emphasize the mystery element of the story that Ritchie worked on with the scriptwriting duo, Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies .

The choice to present the story in a forward and backward timeline, unfortunately, is not supported by a strong enough conflict and character building. Of course, the Wrath of Man story script is still able to convey each conflict in each part of the story carefully. However, with the digging of the story and a fairly shallow line of characters, coupled with the rhythm of the story that tends to seem slow, Ritchie's random bits of story often feel boring – if you don't want to call it confusing. The storyline of the new film is able to move dynamically after all parts of the story are presented. The void of the Wrath of Man story scriptalso quite noticeable in the final half. After providing a complete picture of all conflicts and characters, the last half of the film is almost only filled with shooting scenes between each character. Fortunately, the choreography that is formed for each action scene in this film is convincing.

Statham himself somehow looks not so convincing in bringing Patrick Hill's character to life. Even though the characterization given to the character he plays is not too different from the line of characters he plays in the action films he usually stars in. Not bad, but certainly not one of the best performances Statham can deliver. The quality of Wrath of Man's presentation also received solid support from its acting department filler. Although the film's narrative system makes many characters fail to get a stronger storytelling portion, the appearance of McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan , Eddie Marsan, and the rest of the film's cast certainly didn't disappoint. The presentation of the action is fun even though it's easy to forget.

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