Like Revenge, Longing Must Be Paid Completely Review: Remembering Your Peace in the Poison of Masculinity


 There have been various toxic cultures that have colored human life and were raised in various cinema works, generally in the form of toxic relationships and toxic parenting which are still daily issues in various circles. However, it is different with 'Like Revenge, Longing Must be Paid Completely' which wants to bring toxic masculinity into a man's life.

'Like Revenge, Rindu Must be Paid Completely' is a film by Edwin produced by Palari Films and adapted from the novel of the same name by Eka Kurniawan, as well as acting as a screenwriter in it. Starring Marthino Lio, Ladya Cheryl, Sal Priadi, and Reza Rahadian, this film tells the story of a man in the twists and turns of his life when side by side with impotent he suffers from childhood trauma.

This latest film by Edwin presents a story about the dark picture of toxic masculinity that some people can feel and adds to the journey to find peace for oneself. Supported by various dialogues and vulgar imagery carried in various scenes, this film seems to have succeeded in conveying the message in a way that is sure to easily inspire the audience.

However, 'Like Dendam, Rindu Must be Paid Completely' cannot be considered as a complete novel adaptation. The film seems to only show various iconic dialogues and provide modifications on various sides in order to embrace a wider audience, making certain moments less memorable. Coupled with the back-and-forth storytelling technique that seems very jumpy, this film looks like it will confuse the audience, especially those who have not read the original source of this adaptation by Eka Kurniawan.

Like the original novel, 'Like Dendam, Rindu Must be Paid Completely', also carries an authentic 80s time setting in Indonesia. All elements of that year, from the radio that was widely used, trucks with various patterns on the back, to the film grain that colored cinema at that time were also beautifully embedded in this latest work of Edwin.

'Like Revenge, Longing Must Be Paid Completely' brings a variety of well-known Indonesian actors in it. Of course, Marthino Lio and Ladya Cheryl are the two actors who shine the most with their attractive character traits Ajo Kawir and Iteung. In addition, Reza Rahadian, Kevin Ardilova, and Kiki Narendra also appear charming in coloring the various conflicts with dark backgrounds in the film.

As an ambitious film by Edwin, 'Like Dendam, Rindu Must be Paid Completely' appears with a technical aspect that is no less captivating. The use of beautiful cinematography, the use of visuals that resemble 80s films, and excellent scoring make this film very enjoyable when enjoyed in theaters.

Finally, 'Like Dendam, Rindu Must be Paid Completely' is a film about peace within oneself in the midst of the issue of toxic masculinity which has good potential as an adaptation of a novel.

With good looks from various aspects, the storytelling of this film seems to be significantly reduced in order to get a wider audience. You could say, this latest film by Edwin can encourage the audience to be interested in reading the novel version for its full insight.

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