Where You'd Go Bernadette (2019) Review, About the Woman Who Must Create


 Women, like men, must create. Creating works born of creative talent that continues to be honed and manifested in reality. Women, like men, should have the widest possible freedom of expression in their works. If you don't create, women can lose themselves. One of the women is Bernadette, the main character in the film Where'd You Go Bernadette (2019), a woman who once created extraordinary things and then stopped creating. After 20 years he stopped creating, he then realized that he should not stop creating, lest he lose himself.

Where'd You Go Bernadette (2019) Movie Reviews

Her Mystery, Their Journey, Our Adventure: This series of words is one of the taglines of the film Where'd You Go Bernadette (2019), describing exactly what this film has to offer. The mystery of the past of a woman who has lost herself because she stopped creating, a journey she must go through with her family to find herself again, and the adventures of all of us to dive into her story to create again.

Film Where'd You Go Bernadette (2019) adapted from the novel of the same title, the work of a female author, Maria Semple. This film tells the story of a mother who is full of dedication and love for her family, named Bernadette. Once, after 20 years of taking a break from his career in architecture, he reconnected with his long-buried creative talent and took a bold step to make up for his creative talent. A long journey to Antarctica started Bernadette's rediscovery of herself, which later became one of the faces of the film's opening prologue.

In the comedy-drama genre, it can be concluded that the film Where'd You Go Bernadette (2019) presents women's issues in a fairly light package. Several plot twists make us shake our heads, one of which is about Bernadette's virtual assistant from India named Manjula. This story is also told by Bernadette's only daughter (Bee) as the narrator, who is intelligent, who recognizes her mother as her best friend, who can understand her journey and rediscovery that must create and be happy. Some of the dialogues also make us stunned but entertained at the same time.

One part of this film that is interesting is how the scene where Bernadette shares stories from the depths of her heart with her colleagues in the realm of architecture, is juxtaposed alternately with the scene where her husband shares stories with a psychiatrist who he wants to recommend to treat Bernadette. We can clearly see how there are different perspectives between this husband and wife to see and evaluate what has happened and is happening, although that doesn't mean they never cross each other. However, Elgie (Bernadette's husband) is too busy and has little quality time with his family, due to his career and position at Microsoft—obviously, Elgie listens too much to what people have to say and has missed a lot of the lives of his wife and children so far.

The part that might be categorized as a dark joke, the most disappointing part of the story is when there is an overly rushed diagnosis from a psychiatrist who has not even met Bernadette in person. Just from Bernadette's husband's story, the psychiatrist immediately labeled Bernadette as having this and that mental disorder and needed to spend time in a rehabilitation center (mental hospital), which her husband chose to believe. In fact, the reality is quite simple: as an artist and architect, Bernadette needs to be supported to create again, because creating is the best way to recover from all the wounds of the tragedy that has occurred.

There is indeed a bit of a hassle to understand the storyline if you are not careful in watching it. However, the film Where'd You Go Bernadette (2019) still provides a unique and interesting story about a woman, who again takes a significant step to get out of her hiding zone, re-create and re-discover her true self—without forgetting her children, husband. , his family. The characterization of Bernadette, played by Academy Award Winner, Cate Blanchett, makes this film even more interesting to watch.

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