All About The Silent Sea Season 2 You Should Know, Will It Really Be Continued?

Regiana Adela

 The Silent Sea ” season 1 becomes an explosion in the science fiction genre for the end of 2021, a story that is completely set in the future of the future earth.

" The Silent Sea " season 1 even today is still ranked first in Netflix.

The adaptation of the 2014 short film “ The Sea of ” to “ The Silent Sea ” was both directed by Choi Hang Young .

Season 1 can be watched on Netflix on December 24, as a sign of the end of the year.

Although there hasn't been any update regarding the release of season 2, but with a plot hanging like that, it is certain that there will be a continuation.

Another interesting fact about the series is that it will be an 8-episode series that showcases suspense.

Although the duration of the episodes is not confirmed, the expectation is that the duration per episode in season 2 is 45 minutes.

A must have story in season 2

Season 1 begins by showing how the earth is not what it is today, there is no more water, fish are animals that no longer exist, and everyone is forbidden to have pets.

Earth is full of climatic disasters that cause hunger and death.

Then a team was sent to the Moon to save Earth.

The plot twist comes after reaching the lunar surface where they have a completely destroyed landing and are on the verge of death.

Season 1 really left viewers wondering did they make it? What is unknown behind and in front of them?

Is help coming from the earth

To wait for that answer everyone needs to wait for season 2.

The series' official cast includes some of the most common faces of the Korean cinematic scene, Gong Yoo and Bae Doona.

Old faces that have died may no longer be in season 2, but the next season will bring new faces.

It's also possible that the director already has his views on season 2.

Let's wait for the answer, because even though this series has received negative reviews, it is still in a pretty good order on Netflix .

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