Author Daredevil and Punisher Join Series Echo!


 Echo is one of the upcoming Marvel series that will be part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character Maya Lopez aka Echo (Alaqua Cox) recently made her debut in the Hawkeye series ,  she is told as a deaf character who is adopted as an adopted child by Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio). In the Hawkeye ending , Maya is told to shoot Kingpin after learning that the Marvel villain is the one who killed her biological father. Most likely the Hawkeye ending will be used as one of the foundations in the Echo series later.

As we know, Kingpin played by D'Onofrio is a character who previously appeared in the Netflix series Daredevil. At the end of 2021, Marvel surprisingly brought its character, along with Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) who also appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home,  as part of the MCU. Although Marvel is still keeping the plot of the Echo series a secret , many fans are speculating that Kingpin will return. Likewise with Matt Murdock who has a close relationship with Maya in Marvel Comics.

Recently, The Illuminerdi reported that the Echo  series will include Ken Kristensen and Dara Resnik as part of the script. Interestingly, Resnik is one of the writers who has been involved in the Netflix series Daredevil , and Kristensen is a writer who has also previously been involved in another Netflix series, namely Punisher. Although Marvel has not issued an official statement, many fans are speculating that the characters Daredevil and Punisher will be involved in the Echo series later.

As a series that is in the same universe, so far only the Daredevil series has been "recognized" as part of the MCU, while the fate of the Punisher itself is still unknown. Played by Jon Bernthal, the Punisher is described as a brutal anti-hero who does everything he can to avenge his family's killers. With its tragic backstory and brutal character, it may take some tweaking if Marvel is to get it into the MCU which is notorious for being a "family-friendly" show.

With the reveal of the lineup of writers involved in the Echo series , it paved the way for the Punisher character to follow Daredevil to the MCU. Let's just wait, geeks, hopefully Marvel considers the inclusion of the Punisher into the MCU through the Echo series . Even though the Echo series still doesn't have an official release date, if it's true that Daredevil will be in the series later , it looks like it will be interesting to see Maya and Matt's relationship build, especially when working together to defeat Kingpin.

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