Black Widow Review: Spy Movie Under the Shutters of the MCU


 This Black Widow review contains no SPOILERS at all.

It's undeniable that MCU fanboys (and Marvel fanboys in general) have wanted to see a solo film from Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).

Apart from that Johansson is very fitting and badass as the hero of the spy, another factor is also because the fanboy , wants to know more about Natasha's past before finally joining The Avengers.

What's more, in several previous MCU films, we have seen the teaser of Natasha's past several times . One of the teasers is his past with Clint Barton aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) when they acted together in Budapest.

But apart from its Budapest past. Fanboy is also curious about Natasha's beginnings when she first underwent a training program to become an assassin and spy with the organization/school, Red Room .

Based on these motives. So it's not surprising that all fanboys feel super hype and excited when they find out that this Black Widow solo project has finally been realized.

However, does this MCU Black Widow premiere solo film really live up to the expectations and hype that has built up over the years? Come on, let's just look at the Black Widow review below.

Spy Action Movies

The film, which is set and focuses on teenage Natasha (Ever Anderson) who lives in Ohio, USA in 1995, may be more fitting to label it as an action spy film than a superhero film . And this is clearly seen from the opening scene of Natasha's past with her family.

Specifically at the beginning of the film, we immediately get a treat that shows Natasha and her family, who must leave Ohio as soon as possible.

This is because their family has been caught by SHIELD as Russian spies who managed to steal their sensitive intel data.

Now when they arrived at the safe zone , unfortunately Natasha and her sister, Yelena Belova (Violet McGraw) had to separate from each other. This is because both of them have to undergo assassin training with the Red Room . For Natasha, this training was already the second time.

With the description of the opening scene, it's not surprising once again if I say, this film is like a spy action film in general. And this impression continues to be seen and felt until the end of the film.

There Are Still Typical MCU Superhero Elements

Based on this statement, I understand very well that those of you who have not or are just about to watch the film, immediately feel very doubtful. What's more, if you are the type of audience who just wants to watch the standard MCU superhero plot as usual.

However, guys , through this Black Widow review , I can confirm that you don't have to worry that much. Because in addition to the direction of the concept of spy action , which is very exciting, this film directed by Cate Shortland ( Berlin Syndrome ), still displays the typical elements of the MCU superhero that we have seen so far.

Florence Pugh, New MCU Black Widow Candidate

Apart from that, the appearance of all the actors is really cool. This is proven by Johansson, who has once again succeeded in proving to us that Marvel Studios did not make the wrong choice when casting her as Natasha. Johansson is Natasha and vice versa.

And because he has appeared as Natasha 7 times, in his 8th appearance, Johansson is like a veteran actor in general. Alias, he already knows very well what he has to do with this character.

Rachel Wesisz ( The Favorite ) and David Harbor ( Stranger Things ) who played Melina Vostokoff and Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian respectively, also performed very well. Especially Harbor, whose interpretation of Red Guardian often makes us laugh out loud when we see it.

But even though the three actors look cool, it's still Pugh as Yelena who makes this film really cool. In fact, I dare say that if it wasn't Pugh who was Yelena, I guarantee the film would be much flatter.

And it's no wonder. Because the actress who plays the WWE female wrestler, Paige, in the film Fighting with my Family (2019), is indeed a capable actress. Please also check out his performance as Dani Ardor in the unique thriller , Midsommar (2019) to further prove this statement.

What is clear, with her super appearance as Yelena, of course, we all really agree that this 25-year-old actress is indeed the right person to be Johansson's successor in the next phases of the MCU.

Not In Accordance With Expectations

Although Black Widow is indeed a pretty fun film and has good acting, unfortunately overall, this film doesn't live up to the expectations we mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph.

Yes indeed, we witnessed how Natasha's life was when she was young. And yes, we also finally know what happened in Budapest with Hawkeye. But unfortunately, this film doesn't show any more detail with the assassin training that Natasha did in the Red Room .

In fact, it is precisely this aspect that fans have wanted to see since seeing the figure of Natasha in the MCU. Moreover, in several of the MCU films, we have seen this aspect of the teaser . But unfortunately, what the fans wanted for a long time, it didn't happen at all.

In addition, another drawback of this film is that the film displays more of the present ( present day ). While his past is only at the beginning of the film. The rest, yes, the film shows the story of Natasha's adventures after the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016).

Yes indeed, technically the plot setting of this film is also the past / prequel. However, the prequel we want is precisely when Natasha was in her Red Room training . Or at least, just show the entire plot of Natasha's past before entering the Avengers.

Alias, don't be a little bit like that. After all, this film was conceptualized from the start as a prequel, right?

Only "Filler" Movies

In the end, the conclusion we can draw from this Black Widow review is that this film is nothing more than a “filler” . Or the film is just to fill the gap between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

Does this film in general need to exist? If we look at it from the side to introduce Yelena, then this film really needs to exist. However, if we look at the tribute to Natasha who died in Avengers: Endgame (2019). Then this film is not important to exist at all.

So can we conclude also that the Black Widow, was made only for additional Cuan only. As for the value of its importance, it is very minimal. But then again, is the film entertaining? The answer, entertaining.

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