Deadpool 2 Review, A Funny and Very Touching Family Film


 Deadpool 2 is Ryan Reynolds' latest film with a Marvel anti-hero role. The film, directed by John Wick director David Leitch, continues the story of the mutant Wade Wilson who becomes a crime-fighting hero with love. Wade gathers other mutants to fight an enemy from the future Cable Thanos. However, for some reason they must work together so that both of their goals are achieved.

Produced by 20th Century Fox in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, Deadpool 2 is already showing in Indonesian cinemas. For those of you who haven't watched it yet, order tickets right away and go to the cinema. And for those of you who are not sure, you can read our review first.

Calm! Deadpool 2 review The following minimal spoilers, so read to the end so you're curious. But we also need to warn that Deadpool 2 spoilers in film reviews are hard to avoid.

Deadpool 2 review

Without further ado, let's start the Deadpool 2 review or Deadpool 2 Review below.

Deadpool 2 Graphics(93/100)

Deadpool 2 is back with good graphics and captivating effects. You must know that Deadpool is an R (Adult) rated film, so there's a lot of splashes, slashes and blood scattered around. Wade Wilson looks real with his make-up, lots of slow-motion scenes featuring epic fights including Wade's fight with Cable in a steel car (as seen in the trailer). In addition, the effects of Thanos' mutant power without being very futuristic, including one of his time travel tools.

Deadpool 2 Storyline (90/100)

This Deadpool sequel has a more focused story. Cable who came from the future fights to change the future, where his family is killed by a mutant. Meanwhile, Deadpool must save a young mutant at the behest of his wife. Many cameos are shown, especially when Wade is at Xavier School. Team up with fellow X-Men and make the X-Force team unchanged no matter what the attitude is.

The young mutant, Russell aka Firefist is the key to this film. From start to finish this is a very touching family film. Although there are messy fixes in the ending-scene. Watch now so you understand what we mean.

Deadpool 2 Characters (97/100)

For this second film, Ryan Reynolds can again be f*cking Deadpool. He comes with great regeneration abilities, a "dirty" mouth and Breaking the 4th Wall. With super regeneration he couldn't die, but his mouth kept uttering nonsense. From the very beginning he had confessed his feelings for Logan, he also clearly mentioned the comic book movie next door (you know la). He also claimed to be Batman and in the end he improved himself in all the previous franchises.

We turn to Cable, Josh Brolin also has the character of Thanos in this film. He is a loving father and is willing to do anything for his family. Brolin becomes Cable who mercilessly beats up his foes, but he's a bit of a racist. However, his kindness can make all the atmosphere so touching.

The last one that is the author's favorite, Domino, played by Zazie Beetz. The mutant who claimed to have this lucky ability was really lucky. Since the beginning of his recruitment he has been lucky to be accepted by Deadpool. Even when the battle was like that, the situation was in her favour, everything she hoped for would happen. It's the Real Fortune.

Don't forget the X-Force, the best mutant team ever!

Deadpool 2 Music (87/100)

With Dolby almost every movie sound in theaters is amazing, which is what distinguishes how the scorers create the theme for this film. DP 2 features many songs, for example Celine Dion's Ashes and Skrillex's Bangarang when Deadpool asked Cable about the future of Dubstep.

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