Director Talks about Making Hellbound Season 2!


 Hellbound is a popular Netflix series from South Korea that is in high demand by fantasy horror fans around the world. The six-episode series directed by director Yeon Sang-ho ( Train to Busan , Peninsula ) tells the story of a mysterious phenomenon in which three black “Hulks” suddenly appear and torment “sinners” who were previously convicted by a supernatural being. Netflix claims that the live Hellbound premiere reached peak streaming in just over a day.

Even though the series just premiered on November 19th, many fans are wondering about the continuation of the series. This is because the ending of Hellbound Season 1 still leaves many questions, especially regarding a supernatural figure who is considered "God" by a sect that names their group the New Truth. Plus, many critics think that Hellbound  has succeeded in combining the fantasy horror genre with modern human reality.

To answer fan questions, recently, director Yeon Sang-ho spoke to Variety about the fate of the Hellbound Season 2 series. “Since Hellbound is based on the original webtoon story, my partner Choi Kyu-Seok and I have decided that the sequel will be told first. through the webtoon,” said Sang-ho. “And whether we turn it into another live-action series [Season 2], that still requires further discussion. We also haven't had time to discuss this issue with Netflix yet."

Previously, director Yeon Sang-ho also praised Netflix for giving him the flexibility regarding the distribution and release of the Hellbound series. “I would say that working with Netflix is ​​a lot of fun for me. They are very agreeable and connected to my creative vision,” said Sang-ho. “They also create an atmosphere where I don't have to think about anything else, other than focusing on my creativity in terms of distribution, including when or how I release the series.”

Although his statement may be a bit disappointing to fans, it makes sense why director Yeon Sang-ho didn't easily decide the fate of Hellbound Season 2, because he also has to respect his partner in the webtoon. Plus Netflix also doesn't seem to want the directors and writers to feel pressured, which could lead to a drop in quality for the sequel. For now, let's just be patient, and wait for further news developments.

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