Eternals Review (2021): Most Disappointing MCU Movie?


 Considering that there may still be some of you who are also new to watching on Disney Plus and want to watch it in a "clean state", then this Eternals review DOES NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS AT ALL!

Since watching the movie Captain America (2011), to be honest, I've never watched Marvel Cinematic Superhero films (MCU) on the big screen. Anyway, always watch it at the cinema.

I can say that I haven't been to the cinema for the first time to watch an MCU movie. And that is when the film Black Widow (2020) releases. However, our absence can be said to be absent along with most of the fanboys and moviegoers in this world.

Because as we all know when Black Widow was released, the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst. But even so, I may be one of the many fanboys who are anticipating the debut of Natasha Romanoff's solo film (Scarlett Johansson). Anyway, you have to watch Black Widow anyway .

Not So Anticipatory With Eternals

But when the Eternals hype appeared, okay, at first I was quite excited to watch this film. Plus I also want to know more about this film. Why? Because apart from not being familiar with the story and characters of Eternals , I also want to know more about the cosmic side of the MCU through this film.

My hype was even higher when I watched the trailer , which as a whole presented a very cool presentation.

Yes , the Marvel movie trailer is like that! However , this hype suddenly dropped sharply when reading articles and watching video review videos of this film on various YouTube movie review channels.

The reason is that this film received quite a lot of bad reviews , although indeed, many also gave super positive reviews . But yes again, it is the negative review that is more dominant.

Even film reviewer Sean Chandler's Talks About channel admitted that the MCU was the initial motivational factor for creating his YouTube channel. He himself has openly said that Eternals is the most disappointing MCU film so far.

And not just Sean Chandler. Several other YouTube movie reviewers also expressed the same thing. Seeing this, isn't it surprising that I'm getting less hype about going to the cinema?

Lucky Release Through Disney Plus

As a result, after the decision “war”, in the end I decided to just wait to watch Eternals when it was released through Disney Plus later.

Well, after waiting for a long time, finally Eternals was released via the Mickey Mouse streaming on February 12, 2022. And when we finally saw this film directed by Chloe Zhao ( Nomadland ), we can say that I am half relieved and half sorry. What does that mean? Just take a look at the following Eternals review .

Eternals VS Deviants

But before answering the meaning of the sentence, it's a good idea to start this Eternals review by first reviewing the plot of the story. Because I'm sure there are still many of you who are still complicated and confused by the plot of the story.

So Eternals tells the story of Celestials who are a race of entities ( beings ) who have the ability to manipulate anything, including life. Yes, if you want it to be easy, just think of them as gods from the planet , guys .

Well these Celestials there are many. However, the focus of this film is the celestials named Arishem (David Kaye) or in the comics we also know as Arishem the Judge .

It was Arishem who, in 5000 BC (BC), sent the Eternals to stop the group of entities that the Celestials had created, the Deviants.

Now, after the last Deviants entity was defeated in 1521, Ajax (Salma Hayek) who was the chairman of the Eternals decided to disband this team. As a result, each of its members now lives separately and lives a mixed life with the human world.

Deviants Come Again

But after decades or even hundreds of years of peaceful and quiet life, suddenly their peace was disturbed again in this modern age. Because unexpectedly, the Deviants entity reappeared on earth.

Well, the first concrete evidence of their presence again is in London, England. Coincidentally living in this country are beautiful Eternals member Sersi (Gemma Chan), little Eternals member Sprite (Lia McHugh), and Sersi's human boyfriend, Dane Whitman (Kit Harington).

With the surprising help of Superman-like Eternals member Ikaris (Richard Madden), they all battle the Deviants on the scene. They did succeed, but still a threat in London, only the initial threat.

More specifically, other Deviants will also appear in other locations. Seeing this, Ikaris also invited Sersi and the Sprites to look for the other Eternals members who were scattered in several locations.

Of course, this initiative is to regroup the entire group of Eternals so that they can fulfill their life's mission so far, namely, to exterminate the Deviants.

But of course the effort to gather all of its members back is not as smooth as imagined. In addition, it was also revealed that the main mission of the Eternals to beat the Deviants all this time, turned out to have a much more complex meaning and was also super surprising for both Eternals members and us as the audience when we found out.

So what is the real meaning behind this Eternals VS Deviants life mission? And will they be able to stop their rivals for centuries?

Less Long Duration

How are you guys ? Can you follow the plot summary of the Eternals film ? Honestly, I've made the plot summary as short and easy as possible. But if you're still having trouble, well , then just watch the movie.

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