Explanation and Facts of Breathing the Sun in Demon Slayer Anime


 Today the Demon Slayer anime is continuing in its second season. Even though it has entered the second season, there are still many mysteries that surround Tanjiro Kamado, the main character of Kimetsu No Yaiba . One of the mysteries and things that fans are most looking forward to is the explanation and release of the technique of breathing the sun in the Demon Slayer anime story .

The breath of the sun itself was mentioned in the first episode of Demon Slayer season two. The incident began when Tanjiro visited Rengoku Kyojuro's father. During the visit, Tanjiro began to find out the mystery of his breathing. For those of you who are equally curious, Popculture.id will explain and reveal facts about solar respiration. Instead of lingering any longer, just read on in full below!

Coming From The Kamado Family

Breathing the sun or Hinokami Kagura is the main technique that the main character Tanjiro Kamado has. Basically, this technique is only known and used by members of the Kamado family. In short, this breathing is passed down from generation to generation.

Actually, the breathing of the sun comes from a dance and technique that a father practices and teaches his son. The sign of a member of the Kamado family who has known the dance is the use of hanafuda earrings. Again, specifically sun breathing is a creation of the traditional dance-based Kamado family.

The Basics of All Types of Breathing in Demon Slayer Anime

In the first season of Demon Slayer , we got to know a lot of breathing in this universe of demon hunters. Some of them are the breathing variety introduced through the main pillars of the demon hunter corps and other characters that appear.

Interestingly, all the breaths belonging to the pillars and other characters are just imitations of the breathing of the sun. According to Rengoku Senjuro, solar breathing was the first breathing force to exist in the Demon Slayer world . This breathing is taught by the Kamado family to people outside the family. Because everyone has a different fighting style, different breathing styles are created. So, we can conclude that the breath of the sun is the basis of all other breathing in Demon Slayer .

Created By Yoriichi Tsugikuni

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One of the sun-breathing figures is Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He is a legendary demon hunter whose strength is so great that no one else can match him. He is the one who created the solar breathing style which he then taught his students and branched out into other breathing styles.

Besides being responsible for creating the breathing of the sun and its branches, Yoriichi also created all the techniques of this breathing. Yoriichi Tsugikuni is so legendary because he is the only person who can make Muzan hurt. No kidding, Muzan's wounds remain imprinted and cannot be lost until hundreds of years later.

Opposite to the Breathing of the Moon

As we discussed earlier, the breathing of the sun is a special power that only a few people know about. As far as the Demon Slayer story goes , there are only four people who know, master and use this technique. They are Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Sumiyoshi, Tanjuro Kamado and Tanjiro Kamado.

Kokushibo, the twin brother of the creator of solar breathing, is not even capable of mastering this technique. Out of jealousy for his brother, Kokushibo then created a moon-breathing style as opposed to sun-breathing. Of course the power of the moon's breathing is also very strong, especially since Kokushibo is a demon who gets greater power when exposed to moonlight.

Has 13 Deadly Techniques

Just like other breaths, the power of the sun also has several techniques or forms . Yoriichi himself has created 13 moves from this technique. Initially, there were only 12 techniques. However, the 13th technique was deliberately created to kill and destroy Muzan. To master the 13th technique, a sun-breathing user must use 12 consecutive techniques. Here are 12 sun breathing techniques:

First Form, Dance

Second Form, Clear Blue Sky

Third Form, Raging Sun

Fourth Form, Burning Bones, Summer Sun

Fifth Form, Setting Sun Transformation

Sixth Form, Solar Heat Haze

Seventh Form, Beneficent Radiance

Eighth Form, Sunflower Thrust

Ninth Form Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance

Tenth Form, Fire Wheel

Eleventh Form, Fake Rainbow

Twelfth Form, Flame Dance

So, those are some facts and explanations about the breathing of the sun in the Demon Slayer comics and anime . What do you think Popins? Can't wait to see Tanjiro unleash all these breathing techniques in the fight against Daki and Gyutaro later?

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