Halloween Kills Review (2021): The Sequel That Returns to the Original Formula


 This Halloween Kills review contains a LIGHT SPOILER , so be a bit careful and wise in reading it.

Similar to the MCU's Black Widow , this Halloween (2018) sequel has also been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic . The original film, which was re-directed by David Gordon Green, will be released on October 16, 2020.

But yes again because of Mr. Corona , Halloween Kills has been pushed back to October 15, 2021. And fortunately, the current world situation is getting better, so the schedule won't be pushed back anymore.

Being one of the highly anticipated sequels and films, then has our wait for Halloween Kills paid off, aka, much cooler than the first film?

Continuing the ending of the first film

So, before answering this question, let's first discuss the plot of the sequel. And once again I remind you, this review contains a few spoilers . So be very careful, guys !

Basically this plot continues the Halloween ending 3 years ago. If you still remember, in the ending , Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and their daughter Karen Nelson (Judy Greer) and their granddaughter, Allyson Nelson (Andi Matichak), successfully defeated Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney).

They managed to trap Michael in the basement of the Strode family home and set his entire room on fire. The three of them were relieved that they had finally been able to defeat the masked killer of William Shatner.

But unfortunately, the fire engine came. Laurie, Karen, and Allyson who saw the group from inside the ride car could only surrender and pray. They prayed that Michael wouldn't survive regardless, the fire would have been put out by then.

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However, as we all know, this prayer was not answered. The reason is that by using several of his DAMKAR officers, Michael survived the fire. He also killed all DAMKAR officers and then resumed his usual killing-killing "activity".

Haddonfield United

Now, after finding out that Michael is still alive, Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) who was babystitting by Laurie in the original film, invites all residents of Haddonfield to unite to eliminate Michael Myers for good.

Allyson also participated in this joint movement. But indeed at first, he was forbidden by Karen's mother. The reason is, apart from worrying about the safety of the baby's life, he also wants Allyson to take care of his grandmother who is still lying in the hospital.

Laurie herself is not aware of the fact that Michael survived the fire. As a result, in most of the screentime of this film, Laurie is only in the hospital. Only Tommy, Karen, Allyson, and several other citizens of Haddonfield come forward to fight the psycho killer .

And did all the citizens of Haddonfield finally succeed in eliminating Michael Myers from the face of this earth? So will Laurie eventually find out that Michael is still alive?

Slightly Better Than The First Movie

Well, for the umpteenth time, because this review contains light spoilers , I'll just answer the plot question. Yes, in the end Laurie knew that Michael was still roaming free.

And no, the citizens of Haddonfield still haven't managed to kill Michael. Yes, yes maybe for the point that Michael is still alive this is a bit annoying. Especially when you see the climax scene when Tommy and the other Haddonfield residents gang up on Michael.

Supposedly with all the mob, Michael would not be alive anymore. But yes, because this latest Halloween series is in a trilogy format, it's no wonder that Michael hasn't been killed in this Halloween Kills .

We can confirm that he will only die in the closing of the trilogy, Halloween Ends , which is planned to be released on October 14, 2022. Although once again this fact is a bit annoying, at least the overall execution of the Halloween Kills story is much better than the first film.

Back to the Halloween Originals

And one of the reasons why Halloween Kills has better execution quality, because this sequel features more killing scenes by Michael. So it's just like the original 1978 film.

And in fact, this film features several archival scenes and retcon re-creations of specific sequels after the original film's ending . So in other words the film goes back and forth a bit between 1978 and 2018.

Maybe some of you don't like what is presented in this Halloween Kills . But don't deny that it is this dish that once again makes Hallloween Kills much better than the first film.

Indeed the more dramatic aspect of Halloween 2018 is cool and makes things clear. Specifically, we come to know the whole setting of Michael and the Strode family after the events of the original film.

But yes, it does not deny that many of us would prefer to see the action and horror aspects of the murder when we hear or want to see a Halloween movie . And yep, Halloween Kills succeeded in making it happen.

The Return of Some of the Original Movie Characters and Actors

Apart from these aspects, another aspect that makes Halloween Kills cooler than Halloween is the return of some of the old characters from the 1978 film. Thus, making those of us who are fans or have watched the old film, become much more familiar and all-out nostalgic.

As I mentioned in the explanation of this Halloween Kills plot review , Tommy Doyle is back again. In his 1978 film, who played Tommy was Brian Andrews.

Then there are other classic characters who used to be young, such as Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet) and Tommy's best friend, Lindsey Wallace. Well, only Lindsey's character is being played by the original 1978 actress, Kyle Richards ( ER ).

In addition to these classic child characters, there are also young adult characters who return in this film with the same actors. And those characters are Leigh Brackett (Charles Chypers) and Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens).

Marion is Michael's first former physician/psychiatrist assistant, Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence). Leigh is a former Haddonfield sheriff . His daughter is also said to have been a victim of Michael's cruelty in his 1978 murder.

Consistent Actor Performance

Apart from all the aforementioned aspects, of course, the coolness of this sequel cannot be separated from the performance of all the actors who are still cool and consistent.

Curtis even though in most of the film is in a hospital, but still really total. Yes, it's not surprising either. The biological daughter of actress Janet Leigh ( Psycho ) is indeed Laurie Strode. She's the one & only .

Greer as Karen remains a paranoid and panicking daughter of Laurie, all I can say is, here her role is better and bigger. Likewise Matichak, to be honest, I was super surprised to see him play Allyson in this second film.

Because for me the character in the first film, is very minimal. He's basically just a victim who doesn't understand anything. Because the target is the mother and of course, the beloved grandmother.

But in this sequel, he finally got a much more crucial and important role. Even though it was Laurie and Karen who still got the bigger role portion. I hope that (and I think so) her character in Halloween Ends will eventually become the main character on par with Laurie's character.

Jude Courtney as Myers even though he always wears a mask, he still feels gripping and makes us angry with ourselves. We can say Courtney is indeed one of the best actors to act with her face covered.

The Supporting Characters Are Also Equally Cool

The appearance of all the main character actors is further strengthened by the appearance of all the supporting actors who are also equally cool. Want to support the cast of new characters or classic characters, they also appear as total as Curtis cs.

But out of all of them, perhaps what stood out for me was Hall as the adult Tommy Doyle and of course, Will Patton, who returned to play Haddonfield's deputy police officer, Frank Hawkins.

Hall, who is a former geeky teenager icon in the 80s, has succeeded in reviving the figure of an adult Tommy who is now a person who doesn't need to be afraid and traumatized anymore with the figure of Michael Myers. If he is in this role tomorrow encouraging us to start exercising diligently, I guarantee that we will automatically obey.

Then for Patton, he returned to play his Frank character as cool as the first film. And his super cool appearance is increasingly felt with the development of his character which now looks much more significant than before. Hopefully he will still be alive until Halloween Ends ends.

Michael should have just died in this movie

From earlier in this Halloween Kills review , we have only discussed the positives. Is there really no negative at all? Oh calm down, of course there is. First, maybe the look and feel is no different from the previous Halloween films .

Indeed, once again, this film features two story timelines , one of which is a re-creation and a retcon of the original 1978 film. It's fun and invites a high sense of nostalgia.

But in the end, yes everything is the same as watching Halloween movies before. Second and perhaps the main one, is the revealing of Michael's face and the compulsion factor in his postponement due to Halloween Ends .

I mean here, because of the film's obligation to have a trilogy format, the scene of Michael's mask taking off is not fully visible. It's still very vague. So we can say, we will only be able to see his full face through Halloween Ends .

Also, because of the bonds of the 3 films, of course Michael had to die in the third film. In fact, if you see the gang action of the Haddonfield residents against Michael in the climax of this film, logically Michael should have died.

But yeah, that was it guys . Because of the trilogy's format factor, in the end the logic doesn't apply at all. And maybe one more thing, I still think Laurie doesn't have much action in the film

However, I also understand. Because this decision also makes sense. After all, we'll be able to see more of Curtis in action as Strode in Halloween Ends .

Veteran Fans Will Still Be Very Entertained

In the end, the conclusion of this Halloween Kills review is that this film is still very entertaining. Especially for those of us who are veteran fans of the franchise . PLEASE don't be too "obedient" to some of the YouTuber and media reviews.

Due to the fact, despite the fact that it still has shortcomings, overall this film has succeeded in making us reminisce about the original 1978 film. Even if you haven't watched the original film, I guarantee that after watching Halloween Kills , you'll be in a hurry to watch the film.

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