Here are 9 Players Who Played in Drama One and Only (2021)


 The love story of Cui Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen is indeed very tragic, separated because of the machinations of power in the kingdom. However, it is undeniable that the Bai Lu and Ren Jia Lun couple managed to amaze many people. The reason is that they managed to deliver their respective characters so that they made a deep impression on the hearts of many viewers.

In addition to the appearance of the two main characters, there are other names that have managed to steal the attention . Call it Jeremy Luo who plays King Liu Hui, then and Liang Ai Qi who plays Queen Mother Qi Zhen Zhen.

Don't forget also the other antagonist characters, because One and Only (2021) will not be successful without their presence.

This time we will discuss more deeply about the players in the drama One and Only (2021). Who are they? You can find the answer below.

1. Ren Jia Lun (Zhou Sheng Chen)

Zhou Sheng Chen or better known as Prince Nanchen Zhou, was one of the most feared people in the entire country.

Since his teens, Zhou Sheng Chen has led the military forces and defeated many enemies. His martial skills and battle tactics are second to none, but he is not a scary person.

2. Bai Lu (Cui Shi Yi)

Cui Shi Yi is the daughter of the Cui residence, one of the most influential families in the main palace. According to his uncle's request, Shi Yi went to the residence of Prince Nanchen Zhou to get special education.

From the first time he saw the prince, Shi Yi immediately fell in love with the figure of a man who looked tough but was very friendly and gentle. Shi Yi learned so many lessons from Zhou Sheng Cheng, he even had a special key to his library.

3. Wang Xing Yue

Prince Liu Zi Xing could be said to be the most pathetic character, because he truly had no value in anyone's eyes. He received the title of Prince after entering the palace as the consort of King Liu Hui who rose to the position at the age of six.

He was made the crown prince, unfortunately since childhood he always received different treatment from Queen Qi Zhen Zhen's mother.

4. Wu Man Si 

Princess Xing Hua was the closest person to Prince Liu Zi Xing, even since they were little. He always paid attention to everything related to Pangean Liu Zi Xing and always tried to protect him.

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Whether it was love as a sister or she wanted more, Princess Xing Hua had to face the marriage arranged by the Queen Mother.

5. Liang Ai Qi (Qi Zhen Zhen)

Qi Zhen Zhen was originally just a concubine, but since the King's death she was crowned Queen Mother. Because his son, Liu Hui, succeeded to the throne at the age of six, of course this was thanks to his intrigue and rotten plans.

6. Ethan Yao 

Cui Feng is Shi Yi's older brother, this man has a sweet smile and always looks excited. At first he was only assigned to escort his younger brother to the residence of Prince Nanchen Zhou.

Arriving there, Cui Feng wished to join the military forces led by Zhou Sheng Chen. Even in addition to getting a lot of martial arts and battle tactics from Zhou Sheng Chen.

7. Jeremy Luo (Liu Hui)

Ascending the throne at the age of six, of course Liu Hui needed his mother's guidance to run the country. But over time, Liu Hui began to feel that he was losing his freedom of opinion and running of the country.

As a result, he decided to lock up his mother, so that he could control the kingdom, but this only made the mother angry. In order to maintain the stability of the palace, Liu Hui married and was even expecting a child.

8. Liu Bo Xiao (Jin Rong)

You will not see Jin Ron's character from the start, this character appears at the last moment the drama will end. Jin Rong was the father of the concubine Jin Zher Er, who was then married to Prince Liu Zi Xing.

As a father and one of those people aiming for a high position in the job, Jin Rong offered to cooperate with Prince Liu Zi Xing. He will help the prince get the throne, provided that his daughter can be made consort.

9. Zhou Lu La (Xiao Yan)

Prince Xiao Yan used to be an enemy stronghold from the south, but he chose to rebel against his own father. After his mother's death, his only goal in life is to avenge him. Until he met again with Zhou Sheng Cheng while doing the ceremony to become a monk.

Until Zhou Sheng Chen asked him to be an advisor to replace Xie Cong who is now an advisor to King Liu Hui. As an advisor, this monk is indeed quite deft and expert at seeing all the situations and opportunities that exist.

Even the complicated romance that Zhou Sheng Chen is currently experiencing, because he was once a Prince who had many wives and concubines.

Here are nine lists of One and Only (2021) drama players that you need to know. About the names of the actors and actresses above, who do you like the most? Share the answer in the comments column below. Also find reviews and lists of other Chinese drama players, only on Bacaterus.

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