Justice League Snyder Cut Review: A Dense Story!

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 Recently, the Justice League Snyder Cut movie has been released. The film showcases what was not shown in Joss Whedon's 2017 version of Justice League, which was released in 2017. In this film, Zack Snyder has been given the mandate to direct again, after being replaced by Joss Whedon. Now, viewers can see everything that Zack Snyder wants to show in Justice League.

Unlike the previous films, Justice League Snyder Cut has a longer duration. Not even half-hearted because the film is two hours longer than before, which means now the film is more than 4 hours long. The film can only be seen on the HBO Max streaming service, and will not be shown in any theaters. Of course, Justice League Snyder Cut was also deliberately created to fill new content on the streaming service.

Still the same as the previous film version, Justice League Snyder Cut tells of the chaos that occurred after the death of Superman. There is a lot of crime going on everywhere. This was further exacerbated by the appearance of Steppenwolf, a monster figure who became Darkseid's accomplice. He came to Earth in search of the Mother Box, which he would use to bring Darkseid and rule over Earth.

Aware of the threat, Batman aka Bruce Wayne feels called and intends to protect Earth. However, because his abilities are not much, Batman tries to recruit several superhumans who live on Earth, so that it is called the Justice League. That's where trouble starts and Batman and the Justice League must race against time to save the world from Steppenwolf's attack.

More Brutal

In Justice League Snyder Cut , Zack Snyder can indeed channel his vision of making Justice League Snyder Cut darker than the previous version. The dark times of the heroes are shown clearly in this film. We are also shown a series of action sequences that are much more lively and brutal. Punches, blood, body parts, and explosions that are presented are able to bring a more brutal feel. That nuance failed to be presented in Whedon's version of Justice League . Naturally, now Justice League Snyder Cut has an R-Rated rating and Snyder is given more freedom in making his film more brutal.

Because it is darker, the humor element in the film is starting to be abandoned. In the new footage that Snyder put in, only a little humor is tucked away. The characters appear more serious, and Flash is no exception. The Flash humor is just the old humor we've seen in Whedon's version of Justice League . But there are a few moments that still show Flash's antics through the latest footage.

Batman Appears Stronger

For the Batman character, if the Whedon Batman version doesn't seem to be able to do much during battle, now Batman gets a lot of additional footage , which makes Batman "a little" more useful in battle. Unfortunately, Batman is still in charge of dealing with minor enemies, and is not involved in the main battle. As for Superman, he gets the least share of the Justice League Snyder Cut . But its appearance towards the end is indeed more epic than Whedon's version. Superman looks fierce in his black costume, which was previously shown in the trailer.

For Cyborg, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, all three have almost the same portion. But among the three, Cyborg gets more attention, and Snyder is able to present a story of his darker past. Well geeks there will be many new characters that will appear in the film, and it will be a surprise for those of you who are just watching. Now, the background of each character is told more clearly. With a very long film duration, Zack Snyder is able to give enough time for the main characters to shine and provide a denser story.

Almost all plot holes in Whedon's version can be covered nicely in this film. Snyder seemed to know very well what made Whedon's version of Justice League fail, and fixed it in Snyder's Justice League Cut . The ending of the film was made very different from Whedon's version. But Zack Snyder deliberately made the ending of this film hang, because initially this film was prepared with a sequel. Now that the DCEU is moving away from Zack Snyder's vision, there's very little chance of a sequel.

Due to improvements in visual matters, now Justice League Snyder Cut is able to display smoother visuals, and can blend with the object. But somehow in the first half of the film, the blurry effect shown is quite disturbing. Because the effect appears in many scenes, and it doesn't look too neat. The rest, there are some scenes where the CGI still feels rough, especially the CGI Steppenwolf. But it seems that it is still understandable by the audience.

Lastly, geeks, the scoring in Justice League Snyder Cut feels memorable, even after the film is over. Even so, the score is still inferior to the Wonder Woman 1984 film , which even today is still in our memories. So for those of you who are curious about Zack Snyder's vision in Justice League , you really have to watch this film.

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