Meet New Monsters in The Witcher Season 2!


 The Witcher is a Netflix flagship fantasy series that just wrapped up its Season 2 premiere a few days ago. Adapted from the popular novel by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher tells the story of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and Cirilla of Cintra in a universe filled with many monsters and races of humanoid creatures. In Season 2, Geralt along with the others must face various monsters that are more terrible and dangerous than before. What new monsters appear in The Witcher Season 2? Check it out below geeks.


Actually Nivellen is a human who was cursed into a monster by a priestess. The humanoid monster's form resembled that of a wild boar and bear combined. As an acquaintance of Geralt, Nivellen previously admitted that he was cursed for destroying the temple while drunk from eating mushrooms, but finally he admitted that he got his monster form because he was cursed by the priestess whom he raped in the temple. The only thing that can make him free from his curse is by sacrificing the person he loves very much, namely Vereena.

Vereena the Bruxa 

Bruxa is a high caste vampire who has the ability to transform into a human. In The Witcher Season 2 series, Bruxa, the woman who appears to Geralt and Ciri, confesses to Nivellen that her name is Vereena. Although Nivellen loves him very much and is even willing to be sucked by Vereena's blood, Bruxa is basically a vampire who is famous for being vicious and cunning. So there is no reason for Geralt to keep him alive, because he is very dangerous to humans. In the end, Vereena is stabbed by Nivellen and beheaded by Geralt in order to save Ciri.


As Geralt's best friend, Eskel is actually a Witcher who always returns to Kaer Morhen when winter comes. Arriving at Kaer Morhen, Eskel said that he had fought against the monster Leshen and managed to defeat it, he proved this by bringing a piece of Leshen's arm. However, unnoticed by the others, it turns out that Eskel lost to the Leshen, and instead suffered an injury that ultimately made him turn into a Leshen in the Kaer Morhen realm. In the end, Geralt who was assisted by Vesemir was forced to kill Eskel with his fire sword.


While walking in the woods with Ciri, Geralt accidentally meets Leshen or Leshy who seems to have been faced by Eskel, it can be seen from his severed right arm. Leshen's design that appeared in Season 2 seems to be more of a video game that depicts it as a living tree with deadly roots. To a Witcher, Leshen was a dangerous monster that should not be fought alone, as she was known to be extremely strong and deadly. However, before he could defeat Geralt, this Leshen was destroyed by another monster that suddenly came.


Unfortunately for Geralt, after escaping from Leshen, he has to face another, much more powerful monster, namely Myriapod. After slicing Leshen apart, this loathsome monster immediately attacked Geralt and chased after Ciri. Just like in the original novel, Myriapod which appeared in Season 2 has a shape like a giant centipede monster, the difference is that the design in the series gets some disgusting additions to its body, such as human hands on its chest. When Myriapod almost got Ciri, luckily Geralt immediately jumped from above and cut off Myriapod's head.


Zeugl is a giant water monster who appears in Season 2 when Yennefer tries to escape from Oxenfurt City via an underground sewer. Although it doesn't show its full form, from the tentacles and its location it is quite clear that the water monster that attacked Yennefer was Zeugl. This monstrous monster is often seen in sewers, because it develops from human waste and can grow very large very quickly. Thankfully, Yennefer managed to escape from Zeugl after dispelling his tentacles with fire from his torch.


This powerful dragon-like monster first appeared when Geralt tried to examine the monolith fragments from the bodies of Leshen and Myriapod. Chernobog has the ability to fly and his skin is formed from monolith, which is why Geralt has a hard time defeating him. Until finally he saw an open body part in his neck. Since Chernobog is aiming for Ciri, Geralt tells Ciri to lure the monster within her reach and stab it right in the neck. Chernobog is a new monster assigned by Wild Hunt to hunt down Ciri ahead of their arrival.


The Basilisk is a legendary monster that appeared in The Wicher Season 2 in the form of a dinosaur with feathers around its arms and a head that looks like a snake. Among all the monsters that appeared in Season 2, the Basilisk seems to be the most powerful. This was proven when they entered Kaer Morhen through a portal, these Basilisks managed to kill several Witchers. In addition to its large size, the threat carried by the Basilisk is seen from its sharp claws, strong teeth and jaws, and the deadly acid poison that it can vomit.

Those are the various new monsters that appear in The Witcher Season 2. Most of them appear because they get direct orders from Wild Hunt to hunt Ciri. Wild Hunt itself is a group of Elves from another world who bring an army of monsters to hunt Ciri because she is attracted by her power as Elder Blood. Most likely as long as Wild Hunt is still looking for Ciri, there will be more monsters that Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer will have to face in the next season of The Witcher . We'll just have to wait, geeks.

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