Monster Hunter Movie Review: Consistently Bad Until the End!


 Monster Hunter fans have been waiting for the film adaptation of their favorite game for a long time. At the end of 2020 yesterday, the film was finally released. Even so many fans are not sure to watch. They are looking for a Monster Hunter movie review first, to find out if the film adaptation runs as expected.

Now for the audience and especially the game lovers, this time will write a review of the Monster Hunter movie . Is this film worth watching? Hopefully our review can add a little insight. Instead of lingering, let's just read the review below!


It must be admitted, the Monster Hunter film has succeeded in continuing the bad tradition of film adaptations from game series. The reason is, this film has a very bland and empty plot. Although there are some interesting notes about the story in this film. Too much is 'forced' so that the rationality and logic of the film does not work and is not caught by the audience as it should be. Though this film has the potential to be 'good'.

Monster Hunter itself tells the story of a troop commander named Artemis who finds a strange incident while carrying out a mission in an unknown desert. When they try to observe, suddenly the troops are hit by a mysterious storm that takes them to a world full of monsters.

In the midst of confusion and unsteadiness, the troops are faced with a huge monster that lives in the desert named Diablos. Because they don't have the fighting ability and weapons that are quite capable, one by one they die. Those who survived were eventually captured by another spider monster named Nerscylla. Long story short all the troops have died and left Artemis alone. Frustrated and depressed Artemis then meets a monster hunter and eventually befriends and tries to defeat Diablos and other monsters with the aim of returning to his world.

Hasty Character and Story Development

There are several things that make Monster Hunter movies feel so bland and empty. Even this film begins to point out the ugliness of the script , and the acting of the actors at the beginning of the story. Call it the death of the troops of Artemis by the monsters. This doesn't make sense considering they are special soldiers who already have above average survival and combat skills. The death of the character also feels in vain, even though there are some unique characters that might be explored for the sake of the continuation of the story.

Basically the Monster Hunter movie is a survival film. The interaction between Artemis and Tony Jaa's The Hunter is quite interesting, although very rushed. In contrast to games that require players to gradually defeat monsters, Artemis only trains for a while and suddenly he has to fight back and can beat Diablos and even Rathalos. This, of course, betrays the fundamentals of the Monster Hunter game ; time play . That is, players must be patient and train themselves by playing until they finally have strong equipment and can catch big monsters. However, the monsters that appear are pretty cool with neat CGI. Of course, the lack of monsters that appear in this film is quite disappointing to the audience, especially the fans.

Consistently Ugly Until the End

Monster Hunter is a bad movie. Even until the end of this film still maintain its ugliness. This Monster Hunter closes with a hanging ending , leaving a mid-credit scene that looks like the story will be continued in the next film.

Overall this film fails in developing characters, developing conflict and even closing the story. The appearance of Felyne who is the iconic cat of the hunters does not help at all. Even the appearance of the big monster Gore Magala did not make the audience feel the slightest hype .

There is no story with sufficient explanation, no exploration. Too much logic colliding. As a result, at the end of the story there are only action scenes and full-fledged battles here and there that are bland and utterly meaningless. Watching a Monster Hunter movie is like being forced to see the selfishness of the director and scriptwriter. This film is also traumatizing and reminds the audience of the myth of 'the ugliness of films adapted from game series'.

Even though it's ugly, Monster Hunter is still entertaining. This film is suitable for watching by families and workers who are tired of working and want to watch a light spectacle. If there will be a sequel, hopefully Monster Hunter can improve, reflect on mistakes and prepare the story more maturely.

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