More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday January 26, 2022 [SPOILERS]


 In the next episode of "Plus belle la vie"... While Abdel falls under the spell of his driving school instructor, Kilian and Lola discover that they will be forced to join their mother. Luna takes risks to help Bastien.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of  Plus belle la vie  broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!


While Omar watches Elodie gardening, Bastien climbs above the facade to get closer to her. Luna distracts Omar by pretending to have a problem with her car horn. Bastien takes the opportunity to try to convince Elodie to leave with them. But the latter considers that her captors are too dangerous. She prefers to continue pretending to be dead.

The next day, Bastien confesses to Luna that he feels completely helpless. He takes his mind off things by helping the children finalize the final preparations for the hotel, the inauguration of which is still planned. Later, Bastien and Luna surprise Sunalee crying in one of the bedrooms. Despite her father's comforting words, the teenager is inconsolable about her mother's death.

With that, Bastien decides to go see the police. Accompanied by Luna, he reveals to Jean-Paul and Ariane that Elodie is alive. He asks for their help to save her on the condition of not arresting him for drug trafficking. Bastien even has a deal to offer them...


Roland confirms to François and Thomas that Sophie plans to collect her children to live with them in her new companion's house in the Paris suburbs. The Marcis agree that teenagers would be better off with their mothers. But Thomas still worries about her tendency to choose dangerous men.

The teenagers are sad to have to leave the Mistral. Lola doesn't want to have a long-distance relationship with Noé, while Kilian refuses to move away from Betty. When François announces to them that their mother will pick them up next week, they express, in tears, their desire to stay with them. Kilian also criticizes Thomas for not keeping his promise that he would always be there for him.

While Gabriel wants to organize a vacation with her husband, he can't stop thinking about teenagers. He believes that their place is with him, in Marseille.


During a hearing, Abdel is disturbed by a photo of Alison that is in his file. He tangles his brushes to the point where Revel decides to put his client in pre-trial detention, until he pulls himself together. Overwhelmed, Abdel unfairly attacks Nisma when she brings up Alison.

Abdel arrives late at the driving school and immediately asks to recharge his cell phone. A message from Revel informs him of the prosecutor's decision to cancel the hearing scheduled for the next day. Exhausted, Abdel breaks down and bursts into tears in Ophélie's office. She cheers him up with compassion.

After his first coding lesson, Abdel joins Karim and Bilal at Marci. The Fedalas all say they are very satisfied with their instructor. Particularly motivated, they revise the highway code together.

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