[MOVIE REVIEW] The Foreigner : Jackie Chan's Revenge!


 Coinciding with one month ago, the latest film by director Martin Campbell entitled The Foreigner was released in Indonesia, on September 29, 2017. This Drama, Action, Thriller genre film tells the story of a Chinese restaurant owner in London who is looking for a ruthless terrorist group from Ireland who destroying his business as well as resulting in the death of his daughter. The Foreigner can be said to be a film that is able to unite two countries including China and London and unmitigated this film also stars two main actors who are familiar to all geeks, including Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

The Foreigner can be said to be a 'reunion' film for actor Pierce Brosnan and director Martin Campbell, considering that they had previously worked together in the James Bond film Golden Eye in 1995. Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan's role was able to steal attention with his 'less action' acting. , where he played a former member of the IRA and became a British government official named Liam Hennessy. However, his acting ability can be a plus, especially in terms of serious face gimmicks and makes him able to keep up with his acting opponent, Jackie Chan.

The main highlight of The Foreigner is of course an action actor from Hong Kong, Jackie Chan. It seems that the term 'the older the more so' is very suitable to be pinned for this most successful actor from Asia, although in this film the role of Jackie Chan is a bit different from some of the previous films he has played. In The Foreigner, Jackie Chan plays a Chinese restaurant owner named Quan Ngoc Minh, the 63-year-old action actor is able to express himself as a father who has a strong soul but is saddened by the loss of his son and full of revenge. However, with his age that is not quite young anymore, Jackie Chan doesn't seem interested in eliminating Kung-fu-style fighting scenes as his trademark even though the scenes are only a few.

In terms of story, Director Martin Campbell is quite skilled by presenting an interesting storyline. The first few minutes of this film's story are very thick with a political atmosphere or conspiracy that is quite heavy, even if  geeks don't pay attention to the beginning of The Foreigner story, there is a possibility that you will be confused about the continuation of the film. But towards the end of the film's story, Martin Campbell seems to have lost his way with a storyline that is too simple, predictable and a little boring. It's just that we can give plus points for action scenes that feel like some of the films he worked on, such as Casino Royale and Edge of Darkness. Meanwhile, in terms of cutting, it is fairly ordinary and even tends to be too ordinary, but it can be covered with good backsound and scoring to accompany the plot of the film.

But overall, The Foreigner is a very entertaining film with a heavy but easy-to-digest story, with political and conspiracy themes making the story even more mysterious. If we score from 1 to 5, The Foreigner seems to deserve a score of 3.9 thanks to the stunning acting from the two main actors who are still relatively ' fresh ' to watch, coupled with the make-up artist that makes the cast of this film more realistic to close. the lack of a storyline that is a bit confusing and too simple. So for geeks who haven't watched this film, The Foreigner is one of the recommended movies to watch on the weekends.

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