[MOVIE REVIEW] Jack Reacher : Never Go Back, Relaxing Action From the Director


 The return of Tom Cruise, to the Jack Reacher film, has certainly captivated the hearts of his loyal fans. After being absent for 4 years from the first series entitled Jack Reacher, finally the sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back was released on October 19, 2016. Jack Reacher is one of the characters taken from the novel series of the same title written by cold hands Lee Child. Still telling the story of Jack, a former army officer who smells something wrong in the arrest of Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) by the military police for no apparent reason. Jack finally tries to find out, and tries to prove what conspiracy is going on.

From the start, the second film in the Jack Reacher series was predictable. Because the premise of this film is still showing the same story from before, namely the figure of Reacher is present as a defender for people who are accused of committing crimes.

The story presented in this film is very relaxed and easy to understand, unlike the previous film which invites you to think and guess who is the mastermind behind all the conspiracies that occur. Even so relaxed, from the beginning to the middle of the film feels boring. it happened because the dialogue between the players felt less neat and slow. there are not many chase scenes or fights shown in this film. when it appears the fight that is shown is not too intense like other action films.

But thumbs up deserves to be given to Tom Cruise. The role of Jack Reacher seems to have been embedded in his character. Even at his young age, Tom Cruise still looks energetic. Meanwhile, Susan Turner, starring Cobie Smulders, seems unable to show her charisma as a military police officer. The chemistry between the two has not been built properly.

2 out of 5 deserves to be given to this film. Overall, this film has not been able to match other action films or even the previous Jack Reacher series. Edward Zwick as director felt less 'passionate' in directing this film. there are no memorable scenes, sloppy dialogue, lack of chemistry between players, music that fails to bring suspense, are considered to be factors causing the failure of this film. for those of you who expect a fierce battle action, this film is not suitable for you. Meanwhile, for those of you who want an action film for family viewing, this film is worth watching.

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