[MOVIE REVIEW] Justice League, Zack Snyder's Magical Touch


 “ You Can't Save The World Alone ”, the tagline was a strong description for the biggest DCEU film this year, Justice League. With various promos presented by Warner Bros. & DC on various media platforms, making this film directed by Zack Snyder the most awaited film in theaters. When the geeks Watching the Justice League premiere in Indonesia on November 15 yesterday, surely you will feel the enthusiasm of DC fans to see their superheroes unite for the first time in the live-action version of the DC Extended Universe. DC, which is one of the biggest comic publishers in America, doesn't want to be outdone by its rival Marvel to start their Universe franchise, starting with the 2013 film Man of Steel, up to the successful Wonder Woman solo movie in 2017.

As geeks know that films that have a 'universe' will have a continuous story with the previous film, this is also clearly done by the DCEU to shape the story of Justice League. Surely you assume that Justice League is the biggest DCEU film and Justice League is like giving an absolute answer through the storyline presented by its two writers, Chris Terrio and Josh Whedon. This film manages to summarize the rest of the stories presented by the DCEU in their last four films, with storylines involving places or events from their previous films, especially the film Batman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice & Wonder Woman. So when geeks If you haven't seen the two films, you will be a little confused following the Justice League storyline just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For those of you who have watched Batman VS Superman or the Wonder Woman solo movie, of course you already know Ben Affleck's strength in playing Batman aka Bruce Wayne and the tenderness of Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince. But what's interesting in Justice League has brought Batman's character back to ' back to roots' as presented by director Tim Burton in the 1989 solo Batman movie. In addition to these two characters, this time the editor discusses three new characters who made their debut in the DCEU, namely The Flash, Cyborg & Aquaman. First, the character of The Flash, played by actor Ezra Miller, is able to make the atmosphere of the film not boring, Ezra Miller is very good at bringing Barry Allen's character as a cheerful character as a 'thaw the atmosphere', he is also able to bring other characters to make the atmosphere of this film more relaxed for watched, as you know that the previous DCEU films were filled with a very serious storyline and filled with suspense.

Turning to the story in this film, from the very beginning the Justice League movie is very easy to guess where the intent and purpose is. For some reason Zack Snyder and DC always present a fairly light story. But they were able to cover up that shortcoming by inserting a story that could make geeks speculate or theorize yourself after you watch Justice League. Thousands of praises seem to deserve to be given to the two directors Zack Snyder and Josh Whedon, previously you must have known that Zack Snyder left the Justice League film project so that Josh Whedon finally finished this film. Perhaps because of Josh Whedon's skill in displaying stunning combat actions, the superhero characters in the Justice League film have a more eye-catching feel to the action like when you watched Avengers: Age of Ultron. While the shooting presented by Zack Snyder in this film shows high image sharpness, it can be seen when taking close-ups of the actors and the atmosphere filled with CGI effects. Speaking of CGI, geeks at a glance being able to see the difference between shooting in the studio which is directly on the set.

Despite the shortcomings of this film, a rating of 4 out of 5 deserves to be given to this film. Justice League was able to cover this shortcoming with a very epic battle scene, especially against Steppenwolf. In addition, the backsound presented is able to adapt to the situation in this film, especially the two soundtracks sung by singer Sigrid 'Everybody Knows' and the remake of the Beatles song 'Come Together' sung by Gary Clark which is able to describe the tagline of cohesiveness in the film Justice League. It looks like Justice League will be the second DCEU film to get a lot of positive acclaim after Wonder Woman.

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