[MOVIE REVIEW] Spider-Man : Homecoming, One Of The Greatest Spider-Man Movie!


 In the middle of 2017, Marvel collaborated with Sony Pictures to present another reboot of Spider-Man, namely "Spider-Man: Homecoming" to complete the lineup of phase 3 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony made the right decision to include a friendly neighborhood merged into the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after previously the rights to make this Spider-Man film were only held by one studio, namely Sony.

After the Civil War event, Peter continued to look forward to the opportunity to join the Avengers. When Tony Stark tries to bring Peter back to his original life, Peter takes the initiative to show off his teeth so that Tony wants to include him back in the Avengers. But Peter's heroic actions put his social relationships and education into trouble. The problem is compounded when his actions make him deal with Vulture, a dangerous criminal with flying suit technology from Chitauri technology.

The omission of stories about how Peter got his superpowers or how Ben's uncle died made the storyline very different from the previous films. This is considered capable of providing something new that is fresher and lighter considering that the previous two versions of Spiderman were oriented to the 'origin story' of Spiderman. Even so, it does not eliminate the essence of the original story and does not change the characteristics of Spiderman itself.

But unfortunately the desire to give a new atmosphere in this reboot film brought the six writers together with Jon Watts trapped in the clichés of teen film humor. the jokes that are delivered feel bland and have the effect of eliminating the hallmark of Marvel humor. Meanwhile, Tom Holland did a good job of shaping the character of Peter Parker. he is able to transform into an awkward teenager who has above average intelligence, who also has problems in social interaction. Holland is like being born to Peter Parker, he can bring Peter's character into a teenager's life more easily than Tobey or Garfield. Michael Keaton also looks terrible when he plays the Vulture who appears with many sophisticated gadgets including his bullet-proof robotic wings. According to our, Vulture is a villain with the most reasonable villain motivation compared to villains in most marvel films. The CGI effects in this film are relatively ordinary in 2017. In fact, in some scenes when Tony and Peter are talking on the building, for example, the CGI effects shown even end up not being too smooth.

The number 3 out of 5 seems to be worth giving for this film. Thirteen years after the first Spiderman film appeared, this latest reboot of Spiderman despite all its flaws, is able to inject new freshness into the Spidey mythology. a new and light set-up story, extraordinary characters, make Spiderman: Homecoming one of the best Spiderman films that should not be missed.

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