Netflix Working on Comic Adaptation Series The Hated!


 In addition to presenting serials that adapt video games and anime, the streaming channel giant Netflix has also begun to penetrate the world of comics, one of which is the comic The Hated  written by David F. Walker and drawn by Sean Daniel Hill. The Hated itself is an anti-mainstream comic with the cowboy genre that focuses on a black female character who is quite tough. The concept of this comic is intentionally to raise the issue of race and gender equality, which lately is often echoed by many people.

Recently, Prime Universe Films revealed that Netflix will be working on a live-action series The Hated which is a direct adaptation of Walker's comics. This live-action series will certainly involve Michael Starrbury as showrunner and executive producer. Starrbury himself is best known for several of his serial works, including Black Jack (2011), Legends of Chamberlain Heights (2016), and Colin in Black & White (2021). Apart from Starrbury, several other names are confirmed to act as executive producers, including David F. Walker, Adrian Askarieh, and Sean Owolo.

For now there is still no other information that reveals what the plot of The Hated series will be like. In The Hated , the plot of the story takes place in a universe where the United States Civil War ended in an armistice, and the superpower was split into two very different nations. The main character in the comic is a former slave girl who turns into a tough bounty hunter named Araminta Free. Araminta's only goal is to track down the kidnapped humans to be traded as slaves.

Fans of American comics must be familiar with David F. Walker through his comic works in Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and many more. In Marvel Comics, Walker has written comics Luke Cage (2017), Occupy Avengers (2016), and Power Man & Iron Fist (2016). While at DC Comics, Walker is best known for his work such as Naomi (2019) and Young Justice (2019). For DC Naomi itself is currently being worked on into a DC live action series that airs on the CW.

Another non-superhero comic by David F. Walker, entitled Bitter Root , is currently being made into a live action show by Regina King and Ryan Coogler. Especially for The Hated, it's currently still in the development stage, so it's only natural that there is very little information about the plot, cast, and other crew involved, so we'll just have to wait for further news developments.

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