Peninsula Review (2020): An Entertaining Sequel in a Time of Pandemic


 Is the sequel to Train to Busan, Peninsula an okay sequel to take us to the cinema during this COVID-19 pandemic? Let's just look at my Peninsula review below.

As we all know, the CGV Cinemas cinema chain is open again. Yes, it's just the Bandung branch, West Java, to be precise. But, at least it's open and can provide entertainment for us during this unfinished pandemic, right?

Well, one of the films that we can watch and even we have been waiting for is Peninsula . Peninsula is the sequel to the hit Korean zombie film , Train to Busan (2016).

The country of South Korea, has shown this film first on July 15, 2020. Even though in these months, the COVID-19 pandemic is still at its highest. But even so, this recklessness paid off.

As Dafunda reported a few months ago, when it premiered in its own country, Peninsula managed to attract an audience of 350,000.

While the Taiwan premiere , successfully brought a profit of $ 800,000. As for the United States, as of October 12, 2020, Peninsula has successfully generated $1.2 million. Seeing this, isn't it surprising that many of us have been super anticipatory for this film for a long time?

So, the question is back again. Does this financial success really guarantee this film, which is again directed by Yeon Sang-ho, is as cool as the first film?

Is it really worth it for us to go to the cinema during this pandemic? Let's take a look at the following Peninsula review first .

4 Years After Train to Busan

Peninsula is set 4 years after the first zombie apocalypse event Train to Busan . In this sequel, unfortunately we don't continue the story of any of the characters from the first film. Alias ​​are all new characters.

A decision that will surely divide the fans . But if you look at the entire scope of the film, which has now gone global, it makes a lot of sense. Yep, that's right, 4 years after Train to Busan , the zombie apocalypse has eaten away at all of South Korea (not Busan anymore).

And other countries, including the United States and even the United Nations, were moved to provide assistance to them. However, classics like most films, there are internal dramas that take place during these times of assistance from the United Nations and other countries.

But of all these dramas, it is the drama of the main character, Jung-seok (Gang Dong-Won) who is central in this film. Seok is a former marine captain who just like other Koreans has experienced this zombie horror.

But even though they both experience and are former soldiers, unfortunately Seok is a person who looks antipathy, selfish, and even cowardly.

Yes, the point is that he wants to save his own life and doesn't trust people out there who have even been "begging" for a ride with him.

As a result, there were so many people who asked him for help, he just passed. Even though one of them is Min-jung's (Lee jung-hyun) family, where 4 years later, Jung and his two children meet him again.

No doubt the awkward feeling of an uncomfortable binti was really felt when they met again. But as awkward as it is, in the end they all have to return to the dark reality they face.

So can Seok and Jung continue to get along in order to save their lives? So did Peninsula finally explain the origin of its zombie outbreak?

Two Plots That Are Not So Synchronous

Well, of course, to find out the answer, we just watch the film so we feel more satisfied. Now, let's first discuss the less good aspects of this Peninsula through this Peninsula review .

The first thing to be honest that I saw that was very unfortunate was Sang-ho's decision to present two plot focuses.

First, the focus of the plot experienced by Seok and the second, a secondary plot that focuses on the theft of a food supply truck . If you look at it from paper, these two different folus plots can indeed work in sync.

But sadly, Sang-ho gets stuck. He is too focused on Seok's plot. Indeed, Sang-ho looks like he's been desperately trying to balance the two plots. But in the end, he really couldn't do that.

So don't be surprised if we end up much more focused and care about Seok's plot from beginning to end. Also, it's not surprising that we don't remember or stick to the plot characters of the two.

Sang-ho should have realized from the start. If he feels that when he is writing the script or taking pictures of the two, if he doesn't feel good or doesn't fit, then don't force him. But yeah, what else do you want?

Fast & Furious + Zombie

And maybe this is the point that I swear to make an unbearable cringe in this Peninsula review . We all know Peninsula is a zombie movie. Which in general, is a horror film. It's very common to hit zombies with a car.

There are only The Walking Dead series or funny ones like Zombieland (2009). In fact, sometimes the film or series shows the character in the style of doing tricks or maneuvers to kill the zombies.

But don't let the maneuver trick treatment become the focus! Yes, this is what Peninsula looks like .

From entering the second act until the end , the film actually shows a scene where one of the characters performs Fast & Furious -style maneuvers to avoid the zombie army.

Actually it doesn't matter ORIGIN. Not too much and become the focus of all-bisannya. But if you suddenly become really focused, of course this will be very disturbing, right? Zombie movie or FF movie?

And yes one more. For those of you who, like me, have watched Train to Busan , of course, you still remember very well that one of the aspects that made the film great was the choreography.

Even though this aspect looks ridiculous at first and doesn't make sense, but looking at all the chasing and dropping of zombie bodies, it looks "organized" and very neat. It's like watching a music video or a zombie musical.

Well Peninsula is still showing this aspect. It's a shame this aspect is not as neat or even as exciting as the first film.

Amazing Dong-won Complex Acting

Fortunately, all of these shortcomings were overcome with the appearance of all the actors and actresses who seemed to really enjoy it.

They looked intent and had a super enjoyable time on the Peninsula . Especially, Dong-won who plays the main character Jung-seok. Won is very successful in bringing the complexity of his character to life.

As a result, it makes us who watch it mix up ourselves or get excited when we see the figure of Seok. He wants to be angry, annoyed, sad, but also wants understanding.

Strengthening Won's appearance, is Jung-hyun as his Jung. He is very successful in presenting a woman who is firm, independent, but also forgiving. Anyway, his action in eradicating zombies is also not inferior to Won's.

Sequel Less Greet

In the end, we can conclude through a review of Peninsula , it is not a sequel as exciting as Train to Busan used to be. There are so many cringe moments and the whole thing feels so ordinary.

But don't deny that the film is still fun for us to watch. If you don't really miss going to the cinema, it's better if you watch it streaming . But if you really want to "meet miss" really, please.

What is clear is that your sacrifice to go to the cinema today is not in vain. If you're just looking for entertainment (not hoping for a good or quality film), Peninsula is still worth our sacrifice.

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