[Review] “Finch” (2021) – Not Your Typical Post-Apocalypse Film


 Maybe when you saw the trailer or read the synopsis, you could already imagine what this film would be like. Especially when Tom Hanks became the main character. As a post-apocalypse- themed film , 2021's "Finch" provides something personal, and here's our review of it as something personal as well.

Previously, you need to inform that the movie "Finch" will start airing on November 5, 2021 on the Apple TV+ streaming service . So those of you who subscribe to the service can already watch it.

Synopsis of "Finch"

Finch Weinberg (Tom Hanks), a robotic engineer, tries to survive after the earth was hit by a solar flare . He was accompanied by a dog named Goodyear and a small robot named Dewey.

Finch, who suffered from cancer due to exposure to solar flares , then made another robot in the form of a human. He gave knowledge to the robot (who chose Jeff's name), so that after he died, someone would still take care of the dog.

But when a big storm arose, they were forced to leave the residential building and move to find another area. San Francisco was the destination, and so began their adventure.

Enjoy the Walking Story

To be honest, “Finch” doesn't offer anything special. This film is very personal and far from frenetic. Especially if we compare it with the "Mad Max" or " Army of the Dead " series which are boisterous.

Again, I'm sure when you read the synopsis or saw the trailer , you can already imagine what the plot of this film will be like. You might even have guessed the ending.

But watching a movie like "Finch" don't expect any big surprises or something epic. It would be more fun if we enjoyed the details of the story and the interactions between the characters in it. Maybe it's like watching the movies "We Bought a Zoo" or "Gifted."

The character and behavior of each character is also interesting. Both Finch himself, Goodyear the dog, Dewey the little robot, and also Jeff who is new to the world.

Character and Interaction

It seems we don't need to question the quality of Tom Hanks' acting, who plays Finch. As usual, this one actor gives a quality appearance. Moreover, in most portions of the film he only interacts with dogs and robots.

He has indeed proven his acting strength in the film "Cast Away." But this film again shows that after all this time, Tom Hanks remains one of those actors who can carry an entire film on his own.

After all, other characters who are not human are also interesting.

The Goodyear dog, for example. We can see how loyal he is to Finch and yet to believe in Jeff. This trust issue becomes an interesting conversation between Finch and Jeff. Then, of course, there's a reason why Finch is fighting for Goodyear's future.

Of course, Jeff the robot has his own plot. As someone who is new to the world, he is still learning a lot of "humane" things. For example, when collecting food, he learns to take the initiative.

Jeff's interactions with Finch have several interesting points. One of them, when Finch explained something, he did it while telling a story and started it with "Once upon a time..." That's when Finch forgot to mention it, Jeff made a correction.

Well, even the little robotic Dewey who can't talk is attractive. He is like a little dog trying to please its master. Although he is not as smart as Jeff, we can see the "emotions" of this one robot.

Personalized Movies

For the umpteenth time, I say that this film has something personal. Both from the story in it and from those of us who watch it.

The appeal of "Finch" is in the characters and the interactions of the characters through small scenes that make up the whole story. Just as Jeff learns to become a "someone" gradually, so does the story of this film.

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If you're looking to see a subtle drama film, maybe this film is suitable. If you like Tom Hanks films, of course this film is not to be missed.

Likewise if you do subscribe to Apple TV+ . Currently there are not many feature films there. So yes, this film is worth watching.

Well, here's a little review of the film "Finch" from us, one of the films in 2021 that is far from frenetic, and seems to reflect our condition over the past year (interacting more with gadgets).

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