Review Red Notice (2021): Action-Heist Film That Only Sells Actors' Names


 This Red Notice review contains no spoilers at all.

It's undeniable that from the very beginning we heard about this film, we all immediately anticipated Red Notice . Yes how not? Besides having a plot that is easy for us to digest, also look at the trio of main characters.

There's Dwayne Johnson aka Black Adam, Ryan Renolds aka Deadpool, and Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman. With these three big names, if we think about it, it can't be wrong, let alone a bad film, isn't it?

Moreover, as reported by Deadline , the film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber ( We're the Millers, Skyscraper ) has succeeded in becoming a Netflix release so far that many people immediately saw when it was released.

Specifically, since November 12, 2021, Red Notice has been watched for 148.7 million hours. Of course, this achievement is fantastic. As a result, we immediately believe that this film is really cool.

Well sadly, that's not the case. Red Notice is nothing more than a film that "sells the name" of the actors. Why is that? Just look at the discussion of the following Red Notice review .

Review Red Notice

The Story of Cleopatra's Antique Gem Egg Theft

Red Notice tells the story of FBI profiler John Hartley (Johnson). He and his fellow Interpol agent, Urvashi Das (Ritu Arya), investigate the disappearance of one of Cleopatra's three gem eggs.

And after investigation, it was revealed that the egg was stolen by a reliable thief, Nolan Booth (Reynolds). Now in pursuit, suddenly appears Sarah Black (Gadot) who is also obsessed with stealing her gem eggs.

Turns out, Sarah is Nolan 's rival . The two of them often "compete" to find out which of them is the number one thief of art objects / artifacts. As a result, we can guess that John and Urvashi's work is getting more and more seasoned.

Specifically, not only do they have to retrieve the antique egg, they also have to deal with this ridiculous rivalry between Nolan and Sarah. Then, will the two of them be able to return the Cleopatra antique egg to its proper "habitat"?

Simple Plot, Chaotic Execution

As stated in the opening paragraph, although Red Notice looks promising, in the end this film is nothing more than selling the names of these three great actors. And this statement is based on quite a lot of negative factors from this film.

And the first negative aspect is related to the execution of the plot. Try to look again at the description of the plot of the story above. We can say that the Red Notice plot has a lot of premise and we often see it.

But even though the market does not deny the plot of a story like this film, it is a very effective plot as an entertainer and stress reliever. Anyway, you will feel really fun and easy when watching the film.

But unfortunately, what we expected, was totally wrong. There is an execution of this plot, it looks like the storytelling is in disarray. Indeed, the exposition before entering the first act and also after entering the first round ( set-up plot ) is very clear and very inspiring . Anyway, it still looks neat.

But as it approached and entered the second half, the storytelling felt even more messy. That's it for me, the flow is too fast. In fact, the duration of the film is 118 minutes or about 2 hours. With this duration, Thurber should have been more patient in his storytelling.

Twist that looks illogical and really weird

Well, because of the messy execution of the plot, as a result, the surprising twists in the film look illogical and really weird.

Actually, I don't mind if a film shows a twist that doesn't fit the logical continuity of the film. In fact, there aren't many films that feature illogical concepts or twists out there?

But despite being illogical, the disclosure still feels fun and often makes us immediately discuss the illogicality. However, this is not the case with Red Notice .

Because the arrangement of the script is very messy and very rushed, as a result, it makes the illogicality very annoying . Already so, the twist that is displayed in layers. The point is that the twists in this film are like the twists that Christopher Nolan makes when he's drunk.

Reynolds' Silly Acting Style That Doesn't Fit

And one more thing that I think is also quite annoying in this film is Reynolds' ridiculous acting. Eits, don't get me wrong first.

Reynolds' acting was basically the same. Or in other words, he plays a typical relaxed, eccentric character, and always makes silly jokes. Yes, as we've seen in some of his recent roles ( Deadpool, Free Guy , and so on).

And actually Reynolds' acting style is great. In the sense that since playing the superhero Deadpool, he seemed to immediately find his identity as an actor. But behind the positive side, of course there is a negative side as well.

Specifically, his acting style may not necessarily fit in all his films. And this statement is proven through his role as Booth in this film. His trademark silly acting really looks ridiculous and not funny in this film.

Okay, I really appreciate Reynolds by staying strong to appear as himself. And there are some silly jokes that make me laugh a little. But the rest? Honestly, it feels very forced even, not funny at all.

Yep, the wise saying that encourages us to always be ourselves is in fact not always effective and effective to apply.

A Charismatic Trio and Fits in Hollywood History

Fortunately, Reynolds' poor performance was saved by his cool chemistry with Johnson and Gadot. Even Johnson's performance in this film is saved by the same thing.

Yes, for those of you who are fans of The Rock especially, like me, who has been a fan since he was a wrestling star in WWF (now WWE), unfortunately his performance in this film is as weak as the initial wrestling gimmick with the ring name Rocky Maivia.

He still displays a macho and badass male character . And he also has a very flexible dance moves in this film. But the performance is not as cool as usual. As a result, when Reynolds or Gadot or both simultaneously appeared on the same screen with him, his weak performance was well covered.

These three trios when they appear in one scene ( frame ) immediately look right and are very charismatic. All three can help each other. And all three of them look very fun and very familiar with each other.

The point is that if it weren't for the three cool chemistry , Red Notice could have been even more disappointing.

Movies For Wasting Time Only

In the end, what we can conclude from this Red Notice review is that this film is nothing more than a film to waste our time.

That is, if you may be waiting for someone or your flight is being delayed , then this film can help you get through that time. BUT don't watch this to relieve stress or fatigue.

What exists, you will be more stressed. With this conclusion, once again, it's not wrong at all, if at the beginning of the paragraph and also the title of this Red Notice review , I say that this film is nothing more than selling the big names of the three actors.

What do you think about the film Red Notice? comment below yes.

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