Review Sing 2 (2022): The Illumination Musical Sequel That Still Makes Us Sing To Ourselves


 This Sing 2 review contains no SPOILERS at all.

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Okay, before we start this Sing 2 review , I will give an explanation first so that you all won't be confused at all later.

So if we look at the details of the release schedule for the sequel to Sing (2016) through the film's IMDB page , it is stated that Sing 2 will be released in 2021. Specifically, November 14, 2021 through the AFI Fest event and December 22, 2021 for all US theater releases.

So if you refer to the IMDB reference, then it is very true that this film is indeed a 2021 release . BUT , for Dafunda's review standards , we are referring to the release date in Indonesian cinemas.

So let's say that there will be a film (for example), Superman which is actually released in 2020. But if it is released in 2022 in Indonesian cinemas, we will still consider it a 2022 film and not 2020.

This is also considering various films which in the last 2 years have often experienced various delays in release schedules due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has not been completed until now.

So yes. Hopefully you now understand why we consider Sing 2 to be a 2022 film release. If everything is clear, let's start with the following Sing 2 review .

New Moon Theater Wants To Be More Popular

Sing 2 is still being directed and scripted by Garth Jennings who also handled both departments in the first film.

This sequel tells the story of the Koala bear's New Moon theater, Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), which is now increasingly successful. Even the female sheep that Buster respects, Nana Noodleman (Jennifer Saunders) is now diligent in attending every Buster cs show.

But despite the success they achieved each night, Buster was not satisfied. He wants his whole team to be even more popular. After all, in the end, the figures of Buster and Moon Theater will automatically become more popular, right?

As a result, he and his team are trying desperately to attract the attention of a talent scout named Suki (Chelsea Peretti) who also happens to be evaluating one of their regular shows.

It's a shame that even though they looked as cool as possible, Suki thought that their appearance was not up to the standards of the show in Redshore City (the Las Vegas of this film).

Space Themed Show

However, his name is not Buster if he immediately despairs. As a result, after carrying out various persuasion and even sneaking without permission into the office of the white arctic wolf who works as an entertainment entrepreneur, Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), Buster's team successfully auditioned.

Jimmy actually liked the Buster team audition. But because Buster's musical concept was unattractive, Jimmy didn't pass them.

Well, when everyone was sad and upset because they didn't pass, the dancing pig Gunther (Nick Kroll), gave a funny idea.

Thẩm Phán Giả Mạo

Hạ cánh nơi anh

Em là niềm kiêu hãnh của anh

Basically he said that later they would apply the concept / theme of space adventure with a bonus of the legendary senior musician the Lion with a cool voice, Clay Calloway (Bono). Hearing this, Jimmy let them go and gave them three weeks to prepare for the show.

The search for a senior singer who has lost his passion for music

But the problem is here, neither Buster, Gunther, nor the other members know where Calloway lives at the moment. Because since his wife died, he decided to stop playing music for 15 years.

No doubt this made Buster and his team panic. Not to mention if Buster fails, Jimmy and his men are ready to finish him off. The point is he doesn't want to be humiliated by the Moon Theater gang .

As a result, Buster, with the help of Ash the hedgehog rocker (Scarlett Johansson), begins their search for Calloway. In the end, the two did manage to find the senior lion.

But unfortunately, Calloway has completely lost his passion and still prefers to stay alone while continuing to reminisce about his wife's death. Seeing this, as a result Buster and Ash must now really be able to persuade him before the 3 week deadline that was given ran out.

Can the two persuade Calloway? Then can the other Moon Theater members also really practice their maximum to give their biggest musical performance so far?

A Solid Sequel and Makes Us Sing along

Sing 2 was actually planned to be released on Christmas 2020. However, due to the pandemic at its peak at that time, the release was postponed to July 2, 2021. But in the end it was pushed back until it was actually released widely on December 22, 2021.

So, when we see these setbacks, we also naturally ask whether after all these setbacks, our wait for this sequel has been successfully paid off?

Well , through this Sing 2 review , we can say that the 2 year wait has really paid off. Sing 2 is a sequel that is as solid and cool as the first film. From the plot, voice acting, and of course the selection of songs, everything is much cooler than the original film.

Even when you watch it, it is guaranteed that you will sing along to yourself. If you don't believe me, take a look at the list of all the songs in the film below.

Aspects of Confidence and Optimism that are increasingly emphasized

Even though we sing along, just like the first film, we don't necessarily ignore all the plots and moral messages contained in this film.

We can even say that in terms of plot, Sing 2 is much more in many ways. From the side of the story, the problems that Buster is experiencing are now on a larger and riskier scale. But at the same time, Buster must remain as optimistic as in the first film.

Well, what we like about this sequel, Buster's desperate moments are more and more relatable than the first film. But at the same time, his moment of optimism is even stronger.

Anyway, Buster is really a mood booster that can make us as audiences also feel positive and confident in dealing with the various problems we are facing. Even when you see Calloway's desperate figure, the sense of optimism in Sing 2 is still very dominant and very inspiring.

Much Improved Voice Acting Performance

Well, the sense of optimism that comes from Buster and the other characters in this film, of course, is also influenced by the voice acting performance of each actor.

We can even say that the voice acting performance in Sing 2 is much more developed than the original film. The 2 names that are very visible in development are McConaughey as Buster and Tori Kelly as the golden-voiced elephant girl, Meena.

I don't know when I heard it, it seemed and felt that the voice acting of the two was much lighter and more in tune with the characters they voiced. Reese Witherspoon as Gunter's partner, Rosita, WOW! We can say, it's like he's voice acting in an Oscar-heavy drama film.

Taron Egerton as Johnny's cool voiced gorilla, also a lot nicer in his voice. In fact, we might even say this is Egerton's best singing performance in Sing so far. We just want to say once again that Egerton should start seriously considering changing careers to become a singer.

Or yes, it could be that this career becomes his "retirement guarantee" when he is no longer acting. Egerton's voice really makes the ears feel soft.

Johansson and Cannavale Steal the Show

However, from the comments on the cool appearance of these names, there are also 2 names of actors who have succeeded in stealing attention in this film. Specifically, Johansson and Cannavale.

Johansson as Ash now has a much more vital role in the story. Johansson's voice acting is similar to Witherspoon's, it sounds and feels like in Oscar films.

As for Cannavale, to be honest, we have seen him in various films he has starred in, including when he played Jim Paxton in the MCU superhero film, Ant-Man (2015). From his looks alone, it can be seen that he is more suited to playing an antagonist or a jerk character .

Well, based on that statement, it's no wonder that he managed to make us clench our fists when we saw his Jimmy Crystal figure. Yes thanks Bobby, we now hate the white arctic wolf he..he.

Illumination's Best Animated View So far

All of these positive aspects are further supported by the overall appearance of the film's animation, which we think is very beautiful. We can even say that Sing 2 is the coolest animated film that Illumination has ever made and released.

Whether it's color selection, lighting, movement, everything looks much smoother and pleasing to the eye. Hopefully their next film projects will be like this and the animation quality is amen.

A Very Entertaining Sequel

So, based on all these assessments, what we can conclude from this review of Sing 2 is that this film is very entertaining. Yes, we can say, this film is one of the best animated film sequels.

But indeed, at the same time, the plot of the film also feels very general and quite kid-oriented . There is also a sequence of scenes in this film which for us makes no sense. Anyway, very strange and still makes us wonder why they did that.

But despite these shortcomings, once again Sing 2 is very fun. Even adults, especially those who like to sing or even musicians, will also like and be inspired after watching the film.

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