Review A Star is Born : The Birth of Gaga in Hollywood


 When we hear the name Lady Gaga, it is undeniable that our mind-set is immediately focused on the figure of a singer with a cool voice with a myriad of hits. It never occurred to me that the name of the vocalist of “Born This Way” (2011) would be associated with acting, let alone the classic musical drama franchise A Star is Born .

But in fact, that's exactly what happened in October 2018. Assisted by the voice of Rocket Raccoon in the MCU series Guardians of the Galaxy , Bradley Cooper, Gaga has been successfully appointed to showcase her great acting talent by playing the role of struggling musician Ally Campana in the fourth remake of the classic musical.

And the result? Not only did he bring the character of Ally to life with a super duper cool, the vocalist whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta also successfully gave a strong statement that she was ready to sow the dominance of her stardom aura in Hollywood.

Relevant & Realistic Musician Struggle Drama

And one of the main factors why Gaga managed to surprise us all in this film, is because she plays a very relevant and realistic character. We certainly find many figures like Ally. Or maybe we ourselves have been in his position.

Specifically, we have certainly been protested by our noses being too big, our body weight too bulky or other physical criticisms which, as a result, made us even more insecure about realizing our dreams of a career in the entertainment world.

And Gaga, once again succeeded in bringing that feeling to life . Whether when he brought it to life he had already entered into the character of Ally or maybe became the figure of Gaga herself by re-imagining the exact same struggles Ally faced, the point is that whatever approach she used, it really worked.

Super Brilliant Leading & Performance of Cooper

But Gaga's performance as Ally, will not be as brilliant as it appears if Cooper does not give a big influence in it. The Phil Wenneck in the crazy comedy franchise The Hangover (2009-2013), successfully matched Gaga's performance.

He knows very well how to present and direct the direction of his Jackson Maine character who even though he has become a top rock star, unfortunately at the same time, he is struggling with his alcohol addiction. Cooper is very successful in showing the contrast between his character and Gaga's Ally.

From the side of Chemistry , they both look surprisingly good. Yet as we know, the two have never worked with each other.

But whether it's because the two of them clicked immediately when they met, or indeed both of them were determined to continue the "tradition" of cool chemistry as shown in previous versions of the film, it's clear that whatever the motive, both of them succeeded in bringing the dynamics of the beautiful duet between the two to life.

Plot Flow That Is Too Fast And Predictable

Actually, we find it difficult to write down the shortcomings in this film. Due to the fact that this film is really cool or in other words perfect. Super cool performance of Gaga, Cooper and even all the supporting actors and actresses, beautiful cinematography, fantastic direction and of course a really great soundtrack .

Once again with such exorbitant praise, it is not surprising if we say heavy. But in fact, behind the beautiful harmonization that is displayed and heard, A Star is Born has a plot that is too fast and easy to guess.

Even for geeks who haven't watched the previous three versions, it's guaranteed that you'll be able to instantly go where you're going scene by scene. But yes, that was it. Due to the amazing technical aspects that have been described previously, this predictability factor is also forgotten.

A Star is Born = Oscar

In the end, just like the three previous versions, A Star is Born 2018, again a very cool, harmonious, realistic and emotional musical drama film. We guarantee that even though geeks are not fans of musical dramas, when watching, you will feel emotional and continue to ring in your mind and ears even though you have left the studio door.

And we guarantee that just like the previous versions, this version of "The NOW Age" will dominate the 91st Academy Awards award ceremony which will be held on February 24, 2019.

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