REVIEW : Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Enthusiasm Worth It!


 Hype is one word that best defines Star Wars. He is still able to become a franchise that is most anticipated arrival, even after nearly 40 years have passed since the first Star Wars came. No one thought that the success of Star Wars originally came from an idea George Lucas because of his love for space operas like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. The beginning of the Star Wars film script was also widely rejected by Hollywood officials because they considered the fantasy story of star wars at that time to be empty of enthusiasts. But Lucas proved otherwise, he managed to bring his crazy idea into a new breakthrough in the film industry at that time and even today.


The latest Star Wars Eps movie. VIII The Last Jedi still retells the story of Rey who continues her long journey together with Finn and Poe in defeating the First Order. At the same time, Rey, who is assisted by Luke, must race against time to reveal the great potential that lies within him.

In the second installment of the Star Wars trilogy, creator George Lucas is not involved in this film at all. However, even though he was present without the cold hands of the main creator, Rian Johnson as the director and writer still presented a strong nostalgic atmosphere, especially with many surprising twists. Johnson also managed to build a solid and unexpected story foundation for the last series later. A story foundation that is enough to make us personally want this last sequel to be released soon. We must admit that Rian Johnson has to carry out a very big task and responsibility in this Star Wars. It's not an easy thing to inject something new into this franchise, especially when we talk about a giant franchise across generations with such a strong fanatical fan base.

The two thumbs up that make The Last Jedi so good lie in the emotional appeal of the characters it offers. It seems that the highest appreciation deserves to be directed to the character Kylo who always appears so extraordinary even in the previous The Force Awakens. Kylo was able to establish himself as an antagonist with a different emotional side than Darth Vader. Not because Kylo is better than Darth Vader, but because a stronger and more emotional motive lies in him. And again his position was never about 'replacing' the role of a Darth Vader. It's not easy to compete with the figure of a Sith Lord that one. But when Kylo Ren first appeared in the previous film in Star Wars Eps VII The Force Awakens, we were immediately blown away by him. Luke and Rey who appeared to dominate the film also managed to build very good chemistry during the process of getting to know each other. One more thing that is not left behind is Finn, whose role is to provide a comedic feel in The Force Awakens, now he doesn't necessarily appear ridiculous, in fact he carries out a fairly vital main task in this film.

Star Wars films are indeed known as pioneers of extraordinary visual effects and music scoring. He always managed to be able to defend the title even today. Especially with today's more advanced technology, The Last Jedi can build whatever they want, such as massive destruction effects, to the dramatic arrival of the X-Wing at high speed. The Last Jedi certainly shows the sensation of a "modern" Star Wars film that is clearly far from the previous film.

It's not wrong if the eighth episode of this film creates its own hype, both from its rabid fans to ordinary people though. The wait 2 years after The Force Awakens was indeed not in vain. Even more so with fanservice, and a very surprising twist. Star Wars: The Last Jedi features everything a Star Wars fan could want.

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