Skyscraper Review, Bet The Rock's Life to Save His Family from the Skyscraper


 Skyscraper is the latest film starring Dwayne Johnson . The film is produced by Universal in conjunction with Legendary Entertainment. Johnson plays William Sawyer, a security expert in a very tall skyscraper in China.

Before the area of ​​the building was opened, a major incident occurred and set the building on fire. His wife, Sarah (Neve Campbell) and their two children are trapped in the building, Will tries to save them.

Skyscraper starts showing in Indonesian cinemas starting July 11. On this occasion, Dafunda will provide a review / review of Skyscraper. For those of you who are curious, immediately buy tickets to watch at the nearest cinema.

Skyscraper Ulasan review

Curious why this film is fun and thrilling to watch? Read Skyscraper Indonesia's review below!

Skyscraper Graphics (91/100)

The graphics for this massive film starring The Rock are stunning. From the big building to the actions that Will does are very smooth. Nearly 80% of the film uses CGI effects, from Will's prosthetic legs to the blazing fire in the Skyscraper building. The fighting action performed by Johnson is also very good. Climbing cranes and buildings with views from above the city makes it so extraordinary.

Skyscraper Storyline (83/100)

Telling the power of a father to save the family, is something that has often happened. Will is an ex-military who lost his leg and his job. Then he became a security expert for skyscrapers thought a Chinese businessman, Zhao li. The story begins when Will joins the Skyscraper security team, then gets a device to control it.

Then there are criminals who deliberately set fire to buildings to get what they want. The Wills were exactly two floors above where the fire had started. Will then tries to save his family, but the police have blocked the building. He then climbed the crane, jumped and jumped into action to save his son.

According to the author, the story of this film is good, it's just that there are some parts that feel too fast or skipped. The last execution is also quite 'hit' because it utilizes technology from this heavenly building. There are some really good jokes right in between the tense parts, and they're really entertaining.

Skyscraper Characters (92/100)

Speaking of characters, Dwayne Johnson is very soulful in this film. He acts as a father, as well as a security expert. He carried out his duties to the end. With his burly body, the role seemed to blend with him.

He tried desperately to save his family. He jumped from heights, slithered across buildings, and crossed turbines for his son's life. But, he also feels professional in his work, even though it's not his first priority.

Skyscraper Music  (83/100)

The music of this film really makes the atmosphere tense. In many places, the music playing can create a jumpscare even if it's not a thriller or horror.

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