Snyder's Cut Justice League Review: Snyder's Justice Is Finally Served


 Finally! After pleading, asking the director and visionary of DC cinematic shutter (DCEU), Zack Snyder, to release the original version of Justice League , Justice League Snyder's Cut was released as well.

Should have been released on a big screen (theatrical), everything has changed 180 degrees because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Snyder and Warner Bros. released it through HBO's newest streaming platforms : HBO Max and HBO GO.

No doubt, the fans were immediately excited and very fiery. He was so excited that he crashed the HBO GO server . Isn't it crazy the enthusiasm? Not to mention the exciting new scene after scene that we saw in the trailer . Wow, just getting more hype !

But is this super big hype and anticipation really worth it ? Let's just take a look at the Justice League Snyder's Cut review below.

"Huh why are you writing a synopsis again? Isn't the plot basically the same?” Really. But there are also many that are very different from the original version of Joss Whedon aka "Joss-tice League" . What's the difference? So once again, read this review of Justice Legaue Snyder's Cut .

Actually, for the plot of the core problem, it's more or less the same. Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), gather superhumans in preparation to ward off a form of evil that they cannot face alone.

But yes in fact, the form of evil ( evil ) is already there and is happening. Specifically, Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) is looking for the three Mother Boxes . The goal? Please find out through this film. Because it's been a super spoiler territory shutter .

What is clear, unlike the 2017 theatrical release, Justice League Snyder's Cut really explains Mr. Wolf collects the three magic boxes. Maybe what I can tease is that the goal feels very different, makes sense, and is really sad.

But as we also see in the theatrical version, the two's efforts to gather other superheroes are not that easy. Especially Arhur Curry aka Aquaman (Jason Momoa), who we know never wants to cooperate with other people.

But his name is Batman. He also never gave up persuading Aquaman and also looking for others , even though he had to spend a lot  of money . Wayne is money right?

And when everything has been collected, the five of them must find a way to revive Kal-El aka Superman (Henry Cavill). The goal, yes, to be able to help them repel Steppenwolf.

And the rest you probably already know right? Now, what is a bit different, there are lots of new elements and backstory which in the original version experienced significant cuts.

What are the new elements and backstory ? Yes, please watch so you can know the answer.

Same Wrap But Different Contents

Yes, maybe this description of the subtitles is the right one to represent my initial response to this film. Basically the plot of the story that is carried is the same as Justice League  2017. Most of the characters are the same.

But yes, the title of the film is different, isn't it? There's a "Snyder's Cut" addition . The analogy is that the noodles taste like Curry Chicken, but one is Indomie, and the other is Mie Sedap.

Both taste like chicken curry, but both have a significant difference in the taste of the sauce. Even the shape/texture of the noodles is different isn't it? So that's an analogy to compare the two Justice Leagues .

There are so many additional scenes that, as a result, provide a significant look, feel , and plot change. Anyway, don't be surprised if you feel that the story is different from the Whedon version. But in a good way ( heck, in a great way ).

But it's not surprising either. Because apart from this, this is the original version/vision, the duration of this film also gets an extra 2 hours, aka the total, 4 hours. Justice League 2017 version , only 2 hours. Very far isn't it?

Brilliant Visuals and Sound

Before going into discussing prominent characters / actors and whether there are shortcomings or not, let's do a final pit stop first through discussing this technical aspect.

Maybe when you watch the movie, it looks like it's not HD or full screen . Alias ​​there are still black screens left like old movies or series. Calm down guys it's not a fault on your TV or HBO Max / HBO GO.

Justice League Snyder's Cut was taken with a 4:3 ratio. This ratio is the ratio of shooting old movies. And indeed Snyder chose this method of shooting as his artistic expression.

For comparison, the original version of Justice League was taken with a ratio of 1.33:1. This ratio is what we generally see in modern HD movies today. And yes, although the Whedon version is more modern, the 4:3 version of Snyder, is much more fitting.

Indeed, the vision of the Justice League , or the entirety of the DCEU, looks and feels much more appropriate with that old-school format. If it looks "contemporary", it will even be strange.

And sound . WOW! Much more jarring. Anyway, whether you want to watch official from HBO Max / HBO GO or ( yeah, yeah ) illegal aka download , surely your standard speaker volume setting feels like it's louder.

Because yes it is, guys . And this increase in volume is what makes us even more exciting and fun on our own. The scoring has also changed significantly. Significant but epic.

Naturally. Because for Snyder's Cut , Danny Elfman's position was replaced by Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL. And from the start, XL should have handled the scoring .

Because as we know Mr. XL has been a regular composer of Snyder films such as: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and 300: Rise of An Empire . Then why in the original film, his position was replaced with the former frontman of the top 80s group, Oingo Boingo?

Ray Fisher's annoyance makes sense

Okay, after the technicalities are over, let's talk about the aspects of the actor as well as the character that stands out. Is it the same as the original version or is it really different?

If you want to talk about acting, it's all the same. Just as cool and maximal as the original version. But for the characters, it's very different. If the original version focuses more on Superman, this version focuses more on Victor Stone aka Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

Anyway, the role of the members of JL and Titans is very significant. So, don't be surprised if a few months ago, we read Fisher who was noisy and annoyed with Whedon 's Justice League final result .

And yes, okay, I 'll spoil a bit in this Justice League Snyder's Cut review . One of the backstory that gets cut a lot in the original version is this Cyborg. Even though Snyder himself once said that Cyborg was the "heart" of this film.

So yes, once again, it's only natural that yesterday Fisher was angry with DC and WB. But with the release of Snyder's Cut , at least Fisher can now feel relieved and have everything avenged.

Then who else stands out or becomes a surprise? Please just watch the film or the trailer so that the experience is more surprising .

Much More Gokil And Cool Than The Original Version

Finally, overall, Justice League Snyder's Cut is much more gokil and cool than the original 2017 version. Indeed, the duration is up to 4 hours. But the genius of Snyder and WB, divides the film into 7 chapters (including a really cool epilogue).

So even if you're the type who can't watch movies for more than 2 hours in one seat, you can pause or stop and continue again. Anyway, as long as you remember or if necessary, just note the position of the last chapter you watched.

But to be honest , as a DC fanboy and film reviewer , I would say 4 hours doesn't really feel like it. Only if I personally find the act / chapters  1 and 2, it's a bit slow or makes me sleepy a little. But there are also many of my friends and outside reviewers who say they don't feel good or sleepy.

The point is, it's back to each of us. But after chapter 2 , chapter 3 and so on, you won't want to leave the screen.

Continue Snyder-Verse!

Besides being cooler, another conclusion that we can draw from this Justice League review of Snyder's Cut is, Snyder is indeed the owner of the DCEU. His vision had been planned very carefully. Also through this release, it is increasingly visible that he is truly a nerd like us.

So yeah, hopefully in the future, if Snyder decides he wants to go back to making another DCEU film, it's better for Warner Bros. to let him spill his entire vision. You don't have to intervene too much.

Just look at rivals , the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Marvel Studios average, freeing the director and scriptwriter to spill the concept / vision.

There is indeed a little interference. But yes, very little interference. Almost 90% of them are free. That's why the films and series are successful, isn't it? So if WB can be like this, I'm sure that in the future the DCEU will get better and better.

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