Space Sweepers Film Review: Too Weak Story


 After a long time not reviewing films, this time will return with a review of the latest Korean film entitled Space Sweepers. This Netflix film is directed by Jo Sung-hee and stars a number of famous names such as Jin Seon Kyu, Song Joon-Ki and Kim Tae-ri.

This film received rapturous reception from Korean film fans. The reason is that it is very rare for Korean films to carry the theme of outer space with a visual appearance as grand as this film. So instead of lingering, just take a look at the Space Sweepers film review below!


Space Sweepers tells the story of an earth that is almost destroyed due to air pollution. Humans who know the earth has been destroyed began to make new colonies on the planet mars and make a replica of the earth there. Due to the scarcity of clean air, trees and organic food, the prices of fruit, rice and natural food ingredients are high.

It is said that a scientist named James Sullivan created a new paradise, an eternal replica of the earth on Mars. He developed technology and made the planet mars filled with trees and plants. However, 95 percent of the population can't live there because it's expensive. Earth's civilization that has been destroyed has forced some young people to work as space cleaners from debris. The main character in this film is a debris-cleaning team unit in an airplane called Victory.

The conflict begins when Victory finds a mysterious child with miraculous powers. The child's name is Dorothy. The child prodigy is apparently being fought over by two camps, namely the Black Fox and James Sullivan. The Black Fox Organization wants to use Dorothy as a medicine to repair the earth while James wants to use her as a weapon of destruction.


Okay, let's start with the advantages of the Space Sweepers movie . This film is so stunning because of its neat and beautiful visuals. Some of the characters also seem entertaining. The acting of several actors is very impressive in this film.

The Space Sweepers movie is very interesting and maybe you will never find it in other Korean films. In short, this film is a new breakthrough. Space Sweepers also successfully combines various multi-ethnic actors with various languages ​​in this film. There are Italian, Russian, Korean, English and many more.

The visual effects of this film are also very stunning, especially in several scenes such as space chases, space weapons shooting and technology that complements space debris-hunting ships. Lastly, the character development in this film is amazing. Each main character gets a sufficient portion and rationalizes every scene in the film.


After the advantages we will discuss some of the disadvantages in this film. For some reason, Space Sweepers are very, very boring. I don't know if it's because the story isn't in-depth or because we've seen films like this before.

Since this film begins, the story seems to be forced to run without direction. Many things are not explained or not explained at all. The story in Space Sweepers is too weak for the broad theme of outer space. Although taking the side of the cleaning profession, the story about this profession only runs during the first half. The rest is “world saving” which has been discussed a lot in other films.

Watching Space Sweepers is like watching a mix of Star Wars , Wall E and Guardians of the Galaxy films . There is nothing special in the story. Everything that Space Sweepers tells is very weak, too fast and uninteresting. Maybe that's what makes this film feel slow and boring.

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