Stillwater Review (2021): The Father's Struggle To Prove His Beloved Daughter's Innocentness


 When I saw the poster for the film directed by Tom McCarthy ( Spotlight ), I honestly thought that this film would tell the story of the lives of workers in an oil refinery ( oil-rig ).

And one of the reasons why I think so is because of the appearance of Matt Damon's character ( The Bourne Identity ) in the movie poster. If we pay attention, the characters wear hats and clothes like individuals who work in these fields.

This fact is even more pronounced when he finds out that Damon's character in this film, Bill Baker, is indeed a former oil-rig worker . However, when we finally see the film, how surprised we are that this film does not have such a focused plot at all.

So, what is this film about? Come on, just look at the following Stillwater review .

The True Story of the Murder of Meredith Kercher

Stillwater lifts the true story of the tragedy of the murder of Meredith Kercher that occurred in Perugia, Italy in 2007. Kercher is a student at the University of Leeds , West Yorkshire, England.

In that year, he became an exchange student with the University of Perugia . Kercher focuses on the study of modern history, film history, and political theory. Yes, basically he is a very smart figure.

But unfortunately, this intelligence did not produce results. Because on November 1, 2007, his body was found dead in his room. One of his roommates ( roommate ), Amanda Knox, was accused of being the culprit.

In fact, according to Knox, he didn't do it at all. The local court however, found him guilty. As a result he had to languish in prison for more than 6 years. And after further investigation, it was finally revealed that Amanda was not at all guilty.

And since 2016, Amanda is now breathing free air and, living her daily life again as usual.

Focusing on the Father and Lots of Modifications

Now this film adaptation, focuses on the figure of Amanda's biological father, Bill Baker, played by Matt Damon. The film features Bill who is willing to go to Marseille, France to fight for his son's freedom at the same time, proving that the princess is indeed innocent.

And of course Bill's struggle is not easy. There are a number of obstacles that stand in the way. This is coupled with Bill's relationship that does not get along with the princess.

However, Bill continues to work hard to prove to the baby that he is a responsible father figure and of course, very affectionate to him.

Why France?

Maybe when you read the synopsis, you feel confused. "Why to France? Isn't that the true story in Italy?" . Well Stillwater has undergone many modifications here and there. In addition to the location of the incident, the names of Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox were also changed.

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Meredith aka the figure who was killed, was changed to Lina and, her figure was not shown at all. Meanwhile, Amanda, who became a suspect, was changed to Allison Baker (Abigail Breslin).

And there is another aspect that has been completely overhauled that makes the original Knox figure very, very disappointed. Of course I won't tell you the aspect that made the original perpetrator disappointed. Please watch the film first, then find out through the following Wikipedia page .

Keep It Fun and Curious

However, despite the many modifications, I think the film is still okay. Alias, keep it fun and make you curious. Moreover, for those of us who previously never knew about the real-life events.

And this is because McCarthy is a genius in managing the tension and plot of the film. He knows that many audiences don't know the real murder incident. So, McCarthy also manages the flow and tension like we are being taught Mathematics or Physics.

We also slowly understand this and that is released once again, the real story is that he has reworked a lot. However, the consequences of some of the tension scenes are calm, making us sometimes nod off.

Fortunately, in each of these calm tension scenes, McCarthy still manages to show the important aspects. So, we too can try not to fall asleep while watching the film.

Matt Damon's best performance so farHowever, through this Stillwater review , I can say that McCarthy's genius will be in vain. Specifically, if it is not supported by the cool and dominant appearance of all the actors, especially Matt Damon.

Damon as Bill, successfully shows his tenacity. Anyway, when we watched her performance, we also became supportive of her struggle to free Allison. Which, automatically, we really believe that Allison is not Lina's killer.

Damon's performance in this film is his best performance so far. Perhaps his best performance to date was as Tom Ripley in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), and Mark Watney in The Martian (2015).

There is indeed a slight problem with Damon's inconsistency in displaying his Southern Bill accent.

But regardless of the problem, I dare to predict that his performance in this film will earn him a Best Actor nomination at the 2022 Oscars. But yeah, let's just wait and see later okay?

Supporting Actor Who Also Appears Strong

Damon's coolness is really supported by the appearance of supporting actors and actresses who also appear equally strong. One of them, of course, is Breslin, who, although he doesn't appear much, once he appears, he really goes all out .

Well, the first and last time Breslin got an Oscar nomination was in 2007. She got a Best Supporting Actress nomination ( Best Supporting Actress ) for her cute but cool role as Olive Hoover in the film Little Miss Sunshine (2007).

So combining the two previous statements, Breslin's cool performance as Allison in this film, has the potential to earn her a second Oscar nomination . Even the chance to win in my opinion is much bigger than Damon.

But as I said in Damon's point earlier, let's just wait and see. But apart from Breslin, the child actor who plays Maya in the film, Lilou Siauvaud ( Everything can happen! ) also looks cool. His chemistry with Damon in this film really looks warm and believable .

Suitable For Those Who Like Murder Mystery Dramas

So the conclusion we can draw from this Stillwater Review , this film is exciting and makes us guess. Yes, there are still 1-2 drawbacks. And also, because there are modifications here and there, maybe some of you might not like it.

But regardless, Stillwater is still a very enjoyable murder mystery film . Very suitable for those of us who want to unwind after a busy day at work / relieve stress.

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