Story of Kale Film Review: Not Your Ordinary Romance Drama


 On October 23, 2020, social media was busy discussing USA films. Social media timelines are filled with people writing reviews and experiences after watching the new film Story of Kale: When Someone's In Love .

For those of you who don't know, the film Story of Kale: When Someone's In Love is a film directed by Angga Sasongko. Story of Kale is a spin-off film of the character Kale from the film Later We Tell About Today (NKTCHI).

After a long time not watching USA films, finally yesterday watched the latest film, starring Ardhito Pramono and Aurelie Moeremans. After watching it, it doesn't feel right if we don't review the film Story of Kale: When Someone's In Love .

Not Ordinary Romance Drama

We are often treated to typical USA romance drama films. In our country, love drama films can be called as 'blockbuster' films that make studio coffers. Even so, it does not mean that all USA drama films get a lot of viewers.

Talking about Story of Kale , the film directed by Angga Sasongko is quite simple and looks 'low budget'. This assumption can be seen from the not too many set settings and the small number of players. Despite the impression of being 'low budget', this film succeeded in making me as a spectator amazed.

Angga Sasongko executes this film in a back and forth flow. A method that would be quite risky. Even so, Story of Kale is able to maximize this method and bring this film beyond just an ordinary small drama film.

Each story connects neatly. The rationality of the story is put forward. Movement and camera angle is quite detailed. Even from my vision the camera movement adjusts to the psychological condition of the characters in it. In short, Angga Sasongko has succeeded in creating a simple film with a duration of 1 hour and 17 minutes, exceeding a love drama full of quotes.

Cool Role Playing

As previously discussed, Story of Kale: When Someone's In Love is a simple film. This film tells about the love life of Kale (Ardhito Pramono) and a woman named Dinda (Aurelie Moeremans). In almost all scenes we see a role play between Ardhito and Aurelie. And for some reason they fit perfectly and can click into the role of lovers.

Ardhito and Aurelie collaborated beautifully in this film. Every dialogue, expression, and physical touch they make brings the audience into their love story that doesn't end well.

Because the awakened chemistry is strong, they don't hesitate to do various scenes like real lovers. The most lovable scene in this film is the kiss on the lips of Ardhito Pramono and Aurelie Moeremans in the music studio.

Not just collaborating on films. Ardhito and Aurelie also worked on the film's soundtrack together. They made the music for this film. Unfortunately, their collaboration is also very good. Ardhito's distinctive voice sounds perfect in a duet with Aurelie, who is both graceful and has a melodious voice.

Conveyed Idea

What makes the film Story of Kale: When Someone's In Love good? The answer is a matter of the theme raised. This film basically wants to convey the idea of ​​the dangers of toxic relationships that lead to violence.

It is said that Dinda had an ex-lover who was rude and often played physically. After he couldn't stand it, he decided to end the relationship with his lover. She then meets Kale and forms a new relationship. Instead of getting something different, Dinda is again trapped in a toxic relationship .

This film clearly shows that toxic relationships can be experienced by anyone in various forms. Even though the ex and Kale have very different traits, in the end the violence that occurs is still the same and the victims are also the same.

Apart from raising this theme, this film also implicitly raises the discourse on the creative side of musicians in DIY (Do it Yourself), feminism and the importance of mental health for a person.

Finally, the film Story of Kale: When Someone's In Love manages to convey the idea of ​​the film with a simple execution, stunning acting and a soundtrack that we can't forget. For those of you who want to watch this film, just click the link here . Let's support the USA film industry!

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