Synopsis & Review My Senpai is Annoying (2021)


 Also known as Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi (先輩がうざい後輩の話), is a romance-comedy anime adapted from the manga series by Shiro Manta.

On July 1, 2020, the anime series began production by Doga Kobo with directors Itou Ryouta and Yoshimi Narita as scriptwriters. On October 10, 2021 the anime began airing in Japan and is included in the fall 2021 anime . The license in South Asia and Southeast Asia is held by Muse Communication.

For those who are interested in watching this anime , you can watch it on the Muse Indonesia YouTube channel and the iQIYI official website. But, there's nothing wrong, before watching you can first read the synopsis and review of the anime My Senpai is Annoying (2021) which has been summarized by Bacaterus below.


This anime tells the story of Igarashi who is a hardworking young woman in her office. He is always dealing with his senior, Takeda, who often annoys him. But over time Igarashi realized his relationship with Takeda was getting closer. Igarashi also tries to live a balance between work, life and love.

Episodes 1-6

Futaba Igarashi, a young female worker who has a chibi body works at the Itomaki Trading company as a salesperson . Igarashi doesn't really like Takeda, his senior who has a big body, laughs loudly and always teases him even looks like he treats himself as a child.

Igarashi made a mistake on his job, but he immediately corrected the mistake and made his client happy and agreed to his new proposal. To celebrate his success, Takeda took Igarashi out for drinks.

Curious about Takeda's good demeanor, Igarashi asks if he likes him and when drunk he accidentally says how about she become Takeda's wife.

Episodes 7-8

Recalling memories of middle school, Igarashi and Natsumi first met when Igarashi lost his way to his new school. He followed Natsumi who was wearing the same uniform, but it turned out that Natsumi didn't go to school and instead entered the game room and annoyed Igarashi.

The workers held a party in a park while enjoying the cherry blossoms in bloom. Meanwhile, Natsumi meets Yuto who is training to run for the marathon. Natsumi said that now she just likes to run while remembering Igarashi's words of encouragement from middle school.

Episodes 9-10

Sakurai invites Igarashi to the beach, but Igarashi doesn't know that Sakurai actually invited Takeda and Kazama. Sakurai, Yuuto, Igarashi, Natsumi, Takeda and Kazama all have fun on the beach, then stay at an inn.

Before going to sleep, Igarashi was teased by Natsumi and Sakurai for seeing the closeness between Igarashi and Takeda. Later in the morning, Sakurai was teased by Takeda which made Sakurai and Kazama blush. In the afternoon, they returned to having fun on the beach before returning home in the afternoon.

Episodes 11-12

The company where Igarashi works holds a year-end party and tells about activities that will be carried out at the end of the year and the new year.

Igarashi spends New Year's Eve with Natsumi, while Sakurai invites Kazuma to his house, while Igarashi's grandfather goes fishing with his friends.

At the beginning of the new year, Igarashi and Natsumi go to the shrine to pray in the new year. There, he saw Takeda and purposely left Igarashi to be alone with Takeda. They then went to eat at Takeda's regular ramen shop.

Funny Hardworking Woman Futaba igarashi Story

Each episode of this anime is 23 minutes long. Broadly speaking, this anime tells more about Igarashi's life in the office.

Igarashi's character is described as a cute woman with a body that can be said to be chibi or small. Especially when compared to his co-star, Takeda who has a large body, the difference will be very clear.

Because of his small and cute body, Igarashi is often teased by his co-workers, including Takeda, thus making Igarashi even more annoyed with Takeda, because he is always treated like a child.

Light and Adorable Stories

Overall, this anime is very entertaining with its comedy-romance story which may also exist in the real world. Moreover, coupled with a story that is very easy to digest, because it has a light plot and mostly tells the lives of the characters in the company.

In addition, this anime has a cute and adorable cinematography. The depiction of changes in emotions and intonation is also very clear. Especially when the scene of Igarashi being teased by his friends, including Takeda, was very funny and very entertaining. How about the continuation of Igarashi's story?

Side Story that is no less interesting and sweet

Interestingly, this anime does not only focus on the core story, but also tells a side story that is no less interesting and adorable than the main story. Like the interlude story of Sakurai's character with Kazuma which is usually always inserted between several scenes .

The romance between the two of them also provides another color that makes the story more interesting and even quite awaited. Especially when it was Sakurai who always teased Kazuma because he knew that Kazuma was attracted to him, and vice versa.

Both Sakurai and Kazuma are also two characters who always tease Igarashi in the office. They always look happy when teasing Igarashi, even though Igarashi feels awkward and annoyed when teased by them.

Past memories

In this anime , we are shown about the past memories of Igarashi and Natsumi who became friends since middle school. At first Igarashi felt reluctant and annoyed with Natsumi. Natsumi's stature when she was in middle school looked mature and looked 'cheeky'. 

But actually Natsumi is a kind person and easily touched by Igarashi's words. Natsumi is even willing to defend Igarashi when teased by a male student in his class. And after that incident, they became friends.

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