The 5 Most Talked Movies on Twitter of 2021


 The 5 Most Talked Movies on Twitter of 2021 -  is coming to an end. Throughout this year, many films have been trending on various social media platforms. Be it Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.

Twitter recently has summarized the 5 films most frequently discussed by users of the blue bird media. Curious about anything? The following is a summary.

Most Talked Movies Twitter 2021

1. The Batman

In the first place, Twitter put The Batman as the first film that users discussed the most. Even though the film hasn't been released yet, from the various trailers that Warner has published, fans are sure that the film that will air in 2022 will be a success.

Twilligt actor Robert Pattinson will be Bruce Wayne in the 2022 version. The trailer first appeared at the DC FanDome event which was held in Indonesia on October 17th.

2. Shrek

This year, the DreamWorks animated film is 20 years old. As a result, users of bluebirds discuss the first of four Shrek movies. Meanwhile, Shrek's own journey has ended in the Shrek Forever After series more than 11 years ago.

3. Godzilla vs Kong

In third place, Godzilla vs Kong became the most discussed film by Twitter residents. This film itself became one of the films with fantastic sales figures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Actor Shun Oguri ( Crows Zero , Gintama ) also participates in the Godzilla series.

4. Dune

Dune is the fourth film on Twitter's list of releases. The reboot film made by Denis Villeneuve is a Sci-Fi genre film that was previously released in 1984. We have also made a review that you can read again.

5. The Suicide Squad

Eitss! This is not Suicide Squad which was released in 2016, huh. But The Suicide Squad made by James Gunn, huh! Many major changes that Gunn did on this reboot . Including including new characters such as King Shark and Peacemaker whose series will air soon.

Those were some of the most talked about films on Twitter in 2021. Have you seen all of the films? comment below yes.

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