The Meg Review, Jason Statham's Action Against a Giant Shark with Funny Nuances


 The Meg is the latest film, starring the famous actor, Jason Statham . The film is directed by Jon Turteltaub and produced by Gravity Pictures. The Meg will tell the story of a diver named Jonas Taylor who has to deal with a giant shark measuring 70-foot (21.5 meters).

In this film, Statham will be accompanied by Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson, and Cliff Curtis. And this time we will give a short review / review about The Meg. The film, which was distributed by Warner Bros., has started airing in Indonesia starting August 8, 2018.

The Meg Review

Curious how thrilling and gripping this film is to watch? read The Meg Indonesia review below!

This review contains a few spoilers for The Meg. If you don't want to be tempted, just buy a ticket and watch the movie at the cinema!

The Meg Graphics  (80/100)

Making an ordinary shark animation certainly won't be perfect, especially if it's a Megalodon with a size of 20-30 meters? The Meg has great graphics. Starting from the underwater view, the Mana One  station to this prehistoric shark. Even though it looks like the giant shark is computer-generated, the scenery and action of Statham looks okay.

This battle between humans and predators seems epic even though it's not a superhero movie. Yes other than that, the view of the sea surface is very unsettled because of the waves made by Megalodon.

The Meg  Storyline (78/100)

The Meg has a different plot than most other shark movies. From the start, this film has shown a giant Megalodon. Jonas Taylor (Statham) has a bad past with this beast. He plunged back into the ocean when this prehistoric shark appeared.

This film focuses on the action of Statham and his colleagues. Even so, the feel of gore horror is still felt, especially when the shark pounces suddenly. Films also include humor, although most of them end very tragically.

A light twist at the end can make the audience think The Meg is like any other film. Jonas looks like he's about to give up his life, but this is Statham man! Don't go home before you win. It's just that Taylor doesn't seem like an ordinary human here. Imagine, 8 people to beat a giant shark with minimal equipment, that's crazy!

The Meg Character  (83/100)

The main character in this film is Jason Statham, and we know this one actor is great with his actions. The chase action with sharks also looks very good, one can't imagine a swimmer with the help of a rope to survive the shark. In this film, Statham plays the lonely Jonas . He doesn't really care about other people, but still tries to save people who need help.

His ability to deal with all these things that may be lacking in this film. Jonas is too overpowered, even though he still uses tools to fight and even swims with the sharks before filming, making this seem "fake". For other actions, Statham is already very top.

Statham's co-star in this film is Li Bingbing, who plays Suyin, the son of an underwater station picker and shark anatomy expert. The character he plays is quite solid, with the ability thanks to training from his father, he becomes a brave woman. Suyin also helped Jonas a lot to fight this Megalodon.

The Meg's Music  (75/100)

The film is very minimal in music, The Meg focuses its voice on conversation and the right moments with action. There are some DJ conversations (Page Kennedy) that feel like someone rapping to the beat.

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