The Silent Sea: What will happen to Captain Han?

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 Closing the end of 2021 with a fairly interesting story, The Silent Sea is a South Korean series that has just aired on the Netflix streaming channel. This 8-episode series was directed by Choi Hang-yong, and stars Gong Yoo as Captain Han Yoon-jae, Bae Doona as Dr. Song Ji-an, Kim Sun-young as Dr. Hong Ga-Young, and Kim Si-A as Luna 073 clones. The series tells the story of a group of astronauts who go to the Moon for an important and mysterious mission.


The mission that must be carried out on the Moon by Captain Han and his crew of astronauts is to go to Balhae Station to take samples of lunar water called Lunar Water, which is predicted to be the key to saving Earth and all humanity from drought. But in the process, the mission claimed many victims from Captain Han's crew. At the ending of The Silent Sea, Captain Han is also seen making heroic sacrifices to save his remaining crew. Was Captain Han really dead after that incident? Check out the discussion below, geeks.

Captain Han's Heroic Action

After being discovered and researched by Dr. Song Won-kyung, Lunar Water is considered the only key that can save humanity on Earth. Unfortunately, the Lunar Water molecule itself is very different from the original water on Earth, in it there is a kind of mysterious virus that will make humans die of excess water after exposure to Lunar Water. The bloody incident at Balhae Station that occurred five years ago is one proof why all scientists and astronauts at Balhae Station died.

As The Silent Sea series progresses , Captain Han and the rest of the crew realize that Lunar Water is not the only key, because there is a cloned figure named Luna 073 which proves that humans can survive even if they consume Lunar Water. Luna herself is a clone of Dr. Won-Kyung is modified with fish DNA, so he can breathe in water and on the Moon using the gills on his cheeks. After learning this surprising fact, Captain Han and Dr. Song (Dr. Won's younger brother) changes his mission to take samples of Lunar Water and save Luna.

At the end of episode 8, after confronting the treacherous Captain Ryoo Tae-seok, Captain Han's crew was left with only him, Dr. Song, Dr. Hong, plus Luna. When he reached the last room to exit Balhae Station which was flooded with Lunar Water, Captain Han saw an error message on the door sensor of the room where he and his crew were hiding. As the others had entered the room, Captain Han realized that he had to manually lock the door from outside the room.

Captain Han secretly stayed outside to lock the door and initiate the depressurization of the airlock. Dr. Song finds out that he immediately looks for Captain Han, but it seems that Captain Han is ready to make sacrifices for Dr. Song, Dr. Hong, and Luna survived. Released with sadness, Lunar Water then filled Captain Han's room and made him disappear. At that point it could actually be concluded that he was dead, considering that Lunar Water was very dangerous when it touched humans.

However, in the last seconds of the rescue, when Dr. Song and the others exited Balhae Station, Captain Han was seen lying outside after being bounced out of the Lunar Water. With a weak body, Captain Han saw Luna approaching him and tried to return his badge where Princess Han had a sticker attached. Unfortunately, Captain Han died in tears, before he could receive his badge. The incident seemed to want to confirm that Captain Han really died on the Moon.

Captain Han's Sacrifice Fruit

Before Captain Han sets out on a mission to the Moon, which turns out to be a suicide mission, he promises his daughter that he will return to Earth. Although he was unable to do so in the end, his heroic sacrifice may have ensured that his daughter and the rest of humanity would have a better life expectancy with Lunar Water and Luna 073 samples. Song, Dr. Hong, and Luna release Captain Han's death, they are finally picked up by the Space and Aeronautics Administration (SSA) spacecraft that will bring them back to Earth.

SAA Chairman Kim Jae-sun, and several people at SAA, believe that Luna and Lunar Water do not only belong to South Korea or certain people, but to all of humanity. For this reason, they will most likely make sure that this really happens, in order to appreciate the sacrifices of Captain Han and all the victims who died at Balhae Station. That is, the sacrifices made by Captain Han indirectly saved all mankind, not only his son, or even Dr. Song, Dr. Hong, and Luna.

That's a discussion of Captain Han's heroic sacrifice on the Moon and the results of the sacrifices he made. Even though Dr. Song and Dr. Hong is very sad to see Captain Han died, they must continue the next mission, where they have to make sure Luna and Lunar Water are not used by bad people so that all sacrifices on the Moon are not in vain. In the end when research continues and humans can find a way to use Lunar Water properly, Earth will again be filled with water that can be useful for human life.

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