Tom and Jerry Review: Animated Favorite Cat-Mouse Adaptation That Makes Nostalgic


 Before watching the film, let's take a look at the Tom & Jerry review below.

Maybe only a few of you who were in the 2000s and 2010s watched the crazy animated series of the crazy cat-mouse, Tom & Jerry when you were little.

But for those of us who are in the 40s to 90s generations, of course we always watch episode after episode of this animated series by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Even the scenes or episodes that we watch are those that we have watched dozens of times, still we don't get bored watching them again. In fact, almost all of his ridiculous scenes are etched in our minds to this day.

So, based on these facts, it's no wonder that many fans (including myself) really want to watch this second big screen adaptation of Tom & Jerry .

Plus, this second feature film is a hybrid of animation and live-action formats and features the beautiful actress Chloe Grace Moretz ( Greta, Shadow in the Cloud ). Yes, it's more logical, isn't it why we are so excited to watch this film?

But unfortunately if you recently read or watched a YouTube video review from Tom & Jerry , most of them gave a very negative opinion. So is the film really that bad? Let's just look at the Tom & Jerry review below.


Tom & Jerry tells the story of the cat and mouse sworn enemies, now separated and do not live together in the same house anymore. It could be said further, both of them now don't even have a place to live ( homeless ).

The two of them separately traveled to New York, USA, specifically the city of Manhattan. The two, who were initially alone, were suddenly brought together by an action performed by Tom on the streets of his Manhattan.

And of course predictably, their meeting made them both chase each other and beat each other. In short, the chase took them to one of the elite hotels in the area, the Royal Gate Hotel .

In the midst of their pursuit, a woman named Kayla Forester (Moretz) appears. Kayla in the hotel, is also experiencing problems related to her work.

Specifically, he has to handle the wedding event of a top couple, Ben (Colin Jost) and Preeta (Pallavi Sharda). In the midst of his troubles, he was even more confused by the actions of Tom & Jerry who messed up the place.

But Kayla must be able to act quickly to overcome it. Because otherwise, not only will he ruin Ben and Preeta's lavish wedding, he will also lose his job.

Especially considering how he got his job at the hotel, he might even be prosecuted. Well lol? How did Kayla get her job position? How is it not halal?

Then how will he handle the ruthless and destructive behavior of the legendary cat and mouse duo ?

Just Fun And Fun

As said in the opening paragraph, a lot of media and YouTube reviewers have given negative comments or ratings to Tom & Jerry .

Some say it's not funny, boring, cheesy , and also, some complain about realistic elements and the fact that human characters are more highlighted. Yes, there are many kinds of negative comments.

And don't deny it, these comments made me a little afraid to watch and review this film. But when I finally saw it, I just had fun.

Yes, it's natural that the joke may be dry or too kiddie . Yes, this film is targeted at children, isn't it? Even if it's for an adult audience, yes for those whose childhood grew up with these stories and characters.

And once again, because I'm also one of those who grew up, I find it still fun . I keep laughing, though not as much as I laugh at Family Guy, Ted , or other animated comedy films and series.

So the problem is "realistic". “C'mon, c'mon guys” . It 's a live-action-animated hybrid film . So it's natural that real human characters can interact with 2-dimensional animated characters.

Do you still remember the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)? In the film, it is shown that between animated characters and real-life humans , they interact as usual, right? As if they were equal and the same in form.

So yeah, the point here is, you don't have to think about everything in this film. Throw away your logic for 101 minutes. Sit back, and just enjoy the movie. It is guaranteed that if we have that mindset , you will have a lot of fun watching it.

Moretz The Reliable And Inspirational Employee

Besides of course the crazy actions and behavior of Tom, Jerry, and several other animated characters, the actors in this film also show their maximum performance.

But of all, only two that I think stand out the most and save this film. Moretz and Michael Pena ( Ant-Man ) who play Kayla's boss, Terence.

The pen is like in various roles, whether it's protagonist, neutral, antagonist, main or supporting, always looks optimal. He just looks dominant and really total. And this is once again seen in his Terrence role.

Yes, he doesn't show acting like Daniel Day-Lewis or Robert DeNiro. But at least, he looks committed to the character he carries. As for Moretz, I don't think I need to comment much this time.

It's been clear since her name peaked as Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass franchise , the actress who is now 24 years old, always looks "too bad". And if we pay attention, in each of her roles ( even Hit-Girl), she injects her humanist element.

The role of Kayla is no exception. He succeeded in reviving the side of Kayla who really wanted to change her life with her work. Anyway, when I watched, I immediately felt emotional.

I just get really angry when I remember the struggle when or when I was looking for a job. Even though I really don't want it if I have to do something like Kayla did.

It will please us who are fans of the boy

So in essence, Tom & Jerry is not as bad as the media and reviewers say . This movie is still really fun . As long as it's true, don't make logic or compare it to the real world.

Anyway, just enjoy the film. Moreover, if you are the little one, often watch episodes of the animated series. It's guaranteed to laugh out loud.

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