Without end : the trailer of the film on Ornella Vanoni in preview


 Aspa hotel from the 1940s, the sunset reflected on the colored water of the outdoor pools and an Ornella Vanoni ready to tell her story as she had never done before. These are the promises from which Senza fine , the film directed by Elisa Fuksas, which arrives in cinemas on 24 February with premieres in selected cinemas on 21, 22 and 23. The film, premiered at the Giornate degli Autori in the context of the 78th Venice International Film Festival , tells the extraordinary life of one of the most beloved artists of Italian music in a neutral territory like a hotel suspended in time, using the testimony of many friends such as Samuele Bersani, Vinicio Capossela and Paolo Fresu.

Between a massage and a sauna, a beauty treatment and a white bathrobe that looks like a cloud, Ornella Vanoni's memories become tangible and the future takes the form of eternity , helping the public to approach a journey capable of swimming between the memories of a magical time and the bright present of an artist who still has so much to say and to tell. The energy, the character, the music, the heat and the fatigue are captured by Fuksas' camera without sparing anything, not even the discussions between Ornella and Elisa and the famous unexpected events that make every self-respecting documentary true and genuine. 

«Me: What does it mean to make a film about you? Her: A film about my life; up to a certain point it is real then it is unreal. It's like a fairy tale, it's nice to end life in a fairy tale. Thus was born this film which is the search for the right distance to tell Ornella Vanoni: interpreter, actress, mother, daughter, woman. Fragility, courage. Cheer. Lots of music. Objectivity and intimacy chase each other, the film I have in mind and the one it suggests to me dialogue in a language that is sometimes clear and sometimes impossible, producing a third film that includes both ", said Elisa Fuksas who, in Senza fine , lets Ornella Vanoni talks about himself as he prepares to become the fantastic creature destined for eternity that we all love. Endless, written by Elisa Fuksas and Monica Rametta, is produced by Moreno Zani and Malcom Pagani for Tenderstories, Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, a company of the Fremantle group, and by Indiana Production.

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